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  1. Mantequilla

    Rules regarding EE

    Is there any IBO rule that forbids two students from the same school to work on a similar research question for the Extended Essay? I have been asked to change my question because another student already worked on the topic that I was working on. Thanks in advance.
  2. Mantequilla

    Useful IB Resources By Subject

    Thanks! I've bookmarked the page.
  3. I would not count it as an action activity because you are not really exerting yourself a whole lot when performing a musical. Ask your CAS advisor though, he/she probably knows best.
  4. Mantequilla

    Chemistry or Physics?

    For chemical engineering, it's good to have Chemistry, Physics and Math HL. For business, it's good to have B&M and Math HL. The requirements do vary from university to university, so you should check that out as well. If you're not good at memorising, then physics should be easier than chemistry. Why can you only choose one science subject? It's not mandatory to have a group 6 creative subject.
  5. Mantequilla

    IB Subject Selection ?

    It very much depends on the specific subject requirements of the university you want to apply to. Although, with Biology HL and Chemistry HL, you will pretty much be set for anything relating to the biological sciences, i.e. medicine, dentistry, biochemistry etc.
  6. Mantequilla

    Dropping seventh subject

    You only need six subjects for the IB Diploma, so it's definitely possible to drop your seventh subject. Even if you do stick with it, it won't show up on the diploma but on a seperate certificate.
  7. Mantequilla

    Hebrew Language B

    I just googled "Hebrew B International Baccalaureate" and your post was number 6. That should give you a good idea of how common it is haha.
  8. Mantequilla

    If failed IB, what to do?

    If you're feeling suicidal, try posting to /r/suicidewatch; the community there is really helpful. Better yet, contact a professional. All I can say that is you might not be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel now, but trust me it's there. Try your best at IB and if you fail, it's not the end of the world. Life goes on. We learn from our mistakes and failures; I know for sure that I have. It's better to have tried and failed than not to have tried at all.
  9. Mantequilla

    What grades do you think are plausible to do IB at?

    Grades in the mid 80s are definitely good enough to get into IB, but don't be fooled into thinking that they are a determinant for success in the IB. Hard work and consistency is what produces results in the IB, not intellectual capability. (although that helps of course) Seeing as the two courses you are interested in pursuing in university are chemical engineering and computer engineering, it is imperative that you take HL Chemistry, Physics and Maths, which are considered to be the three hardest courses in the IB. Even if these may not be specific requirements for the university you would like to attend, they will definitely help you and make life in university more of a breeze. (and maybe even score you some credit) Btw: ESS is considered a weak subject
  10. My subjects rn: Eng. A SL French B SL Chem. HL Physics HL Econ. HL Math SL I'm thinking about reducing physics to SL and upping maths to HL, because I am having a really hard time understanding the content in physics and all the maths we do at SL is at a very slow pace, and most of it I have already covered because I took Further Pure maths IGCSE. Over the board, would it be advisable to do this at this stage? I am already having trouble keeping up with the work, and am feeling really anxious and a little bit down. And demotivated. I feel like all the stuff I do in school isn't really going to take me anywhere. Help please.
  11. I know that for science/math subjects, you are allowed to bring in the data booklets in, so you don't have to memorise all the formulas etc., but how about for the other subjects? Specifically, the languages and humanities. Is there a list or something that I could find on the IB website maybe? Any answers appreciated.
  12. Mantequilla

    IB subject choice - having doubts

    Thank you all for the replies and suggestions. Looks like I'll be sticking it out with this subject choice, as long as I don't reach a stage where the workload is unmanageable.
  13. So, this is my subejct choice as it stands at the moment. English Lang. & Lit. SL French B SL Mathematics SL Chemistry HL Physics HL Economics HL I am aiming to take medicine or a course similar to medicine at university level. Do you think this is a good and versatile subject choice?

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