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  1. Sandy

    can i used HL content in my SL IA

    Definitely. You'll even score better for using it (if you do it properly).
  2. Sandy

    Is it okay to have failed results for chem IA

    I think you should use a simulation. Or if you wanna redo the experiment, that's fine too. Its true that perfect data doesn't mean scoring marks, but you need to show SOME trend. With this kinda data, you don't have a specific trend and that leaves almost nothing to write for evaluation. I mean, how do you plan on explaining those random increases and decreases in the pressure? Its fine if you have one or two misalignments but going against the theory (in this case a decrease in pressure with increase in temperature) is not advisable. So either redo the experiment or use a simulation (much faster and less stressful, btw, but make sure you have a good simulation).
  3. Sandy

    Textbook and Study Guide

    I found that oxford has too much details and they give stuff that's not even in the syllabus! Its good for learning, but not for exam purposes. For that, I strongly recommend pearson version as not only it has a god explanation, it also has lots of questions (you can find the answers online). Its better than oxford. On a side note, don't use the cambridge version, its not so good. You can always use online resources, but I just did the questions from pearson and the past papers and that helped a lot.
  4. Sandy

    Economics EE on negative externalities

    You can ask stuff like: 'how much has the pollution increased over last *any number* years' how has it affected people living nearby (or basically any third party since negative externalities are concerned) how can it be reduced how do the pollutants enter water Basically, ask things related to pollution, its source, solution and the cause and effect. If possible, get him/her to give you specific numbers if you can, its better to quote figures on the essay!
  5. Sandy

    Group two subject choice

    Hi, I think Spanish will be easier for you as you already know a bit of the language. It'll also be more scoring for the same reason. If you take any language at ab initio and start learning it the moment you start IB, its tough to score well. Another thing to consider is that most schools only teach certain aspects of the language that you need to score in exam so you might end up not learning the language like you expected to do.
  6. Sandy

    IB Results 2016

    You can ask your IB coordinator to send the results directly to the university and he/she can even upload it on UCAS. Talk to your IB coordinator.
  7. Sandy

    5 days until IB results!!!!!

    LOL I'm crying rn Did you take physics?
  8. Sandy

    5 days until IB results!!!!!

    What are your conditions?
  9. Sandy

    5 days until IB results!!!!!

    In May, even I thought I did good enough. Now I'm not sure; I just hope I get diploma! I need a 32 and 5 in HLs. Good luck! Thanks ShootingStar16 good luck to you too. I guess everyone needs it rn.
  10. Sandy

    IB HL subject choice

    Hey, I see I'm a bit late for replying, but I guess better late than never. Anyways, I recommend you should take all three of them at HL for now. Its true that econ is the easiest HL out of four but if you wanna go to a science/math stream later on, it helps to have a science HL. If you go for science, you need 2 sciences at HL. Some say 2 science HL is a killer - its not. Sure, you'll have to work harder to get better grades, but its fun and you'll actually love yourself for scoring good when you do (at least its like that for me. Econ is easy to score so even if I get good I'm like yeah, saw that coming). If you do take PCM HL, I'll give you this advice - don't do it for the sake of doing it, only do it if you are really interested in the subject. Because otherwise, you might end up scoring badly.... If you're not sure about what you want to do, take 4 HLs for now and you can change them later on - or not, whatever you want. I took all 4 of them at HL and its almost the same as taking only 3 HLs (Econ HL isn't much different than SL and is more scoring because of paper 3). If you choose this, you can apply for almost anything. Another plus point is, if you get a conditional offer, then you'll have certain conditions for 3 HLs but since you've taken 4 HLs, even if one of your HL doesn't meet the requirement, you're still safe as you got other 3 to back you up. You can check this out if you're still unsure about your subject choices. Good luck for IB!
  11. Hola everyone! There's only 5 days left for the results and I'm freaking out so badly. I have a conditional offer and my future depends on this. I don't even know how I did on any paper any more and I can't wait to get the results! Is it just me or is someone else going through this too? Also, how do I calm the f down (cause I seriously need to)?
  12. Sandy

    Math HL paper 2 TZ2

    Well now that its past 24 hours since math HL paper 2, we can finally discuss it! How was the paper? Did you find the last question in section B difficult?
  13. Thanks Odelouche
  14. From a probability function, lets take f(x)=x^-2, how do you fin the interquartile range?
  15. Sandy

    Point Out the Obvious.

    You're a global moderator

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