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  1. ozymandias24

    History EE

    I'd agree. Without an idea of a research question there's not much we can do to help! You might even find that your question ends up fitting better into another subject group. What exactly do you want to look at? The impact of the book? The motivations of the author? Historical influences on the book (where he got his ideas from)?
  2. ozymandias24

    EE help

    Are you still looking for help with this topic? If so please message me!
  3. ozymandias24

    On the Look for a Book

    Why not hunt down some journal articles? Try: Reality Check: The Hiroshima and Nagasaki Bombings in Pictures by Daryl G. Kimball There are plenty of survivors who have talked and written about the experience, such as: Dr. Michihiko Hachiya (who wrote the famous Hiroshima Diary), Setsuko Thurlow or Tsutomu Yamaguchi who has the dubious honour of being the sole survivor of both bombings.
  4. ozymandias24

    History IA HELP!

    Question A is a good one: a) To what extent is Japanese Nationalism important as a catalyst of the Nanjing Massacre? What you're leaning towards are the questions of why it happened: was it a one-off? Was it part of a systemic policy? Who was responsible? What factors helped it happen? Trouble is, I am not sure you can cover all this in 1600 words. It might be best to do it as an Extended Essay and choose something more straightforward for your History IA.
  5. ozymandias24


    I really like question 2b, especially as you can give a very nuanced answer (it was a tactical failure but a strategic success).
  6. ozymandias24


    I supervised a student last year who wrote an essay on this topic. She made an overall assessment of Milk's contribution (as opposed to those of other activists) to the failure of a particular anti-gay law. I think the question was "To what extent did Harvey Milk contribute to the failure of California Proposition 6 in November 1978?"
  7. ozymandias24

    History IA topic help

    How about "To what extent where President Eisenhower's concerns about the US military-industrial complex, as outlined in his 1961 farewell address, justified?" You would then be limiting your scope to anything you want that came before 1961, and then perhaps looking into the later 1960s and 1970s for evidence of his predictions coming true or not.
  8. ozymandias24

    History IA topic help

    You need to choose a realistic scope for your essay. As Jose says, given the limited word count, I think this is too broad. Also, note that the IB weirdly defines history as anything that happened at least ten years ago, so if you are hoping to make comments on the current situation in the USA, this might not be the best subject through which to approach it.
  9. ozymandias24

    Looking for markscheme of these specific source-based questions

    What year is this paper from? If you provide the year or the code in the top left of the paper then I should be able to help. It usually looks something like this: M09/3/HISTX/BP1/ENG/TZ0/XX/T+
  10. ozymandias24

    History EE research question..

    This is also a good topic because there's so much source material out there on it. Have you tried the following? Policy Implications on the Environment: The Case of Villagisation in Tanzania by Idris S. KikulaRemembering Villagisation in Tanzania: National Consciousness Amidst Economic Failure by Paul BjerkThe Tanzanian Villagisation Programme: Its Impact on Household Production in Dodoma by Graham ThieleThe Experience of Villagisation: Lessons from Ethiopia, Mozambique, and Tanzania by Dr. Christy Cannon Lorgen
  11. If you wanted to talk about aviation, you could do something about racial profiling at airports, the efficacy of security scanning or even the irrational fear of flying and air crashes. They all have some good knowledge issues to tease out of them.
  12. ozymandias24

    History EE research question..

    This sounds like a really interesting topic. I am a DP History teacher with experience of teaching in Africa (Angola plus Sudan). I have also covered the DP History Paper 3 on Africa, so perhaps I can help! Question sounds sensible, worthy of study and definitely "doable" in 4000 words. As a general structure, it sounds like you need to go with: 1) Introduction - roadmap for the essay with a clear list of all the factors you will look at when judging if it was Nyerere's fault 2) An outline of exactly what the scheme was, putting it into local, regional and global context 3) Evidence that it definitely failed 4) Arguments supporting your thesis that it was Nyerere's fault (how he was involved, what he did wrong etc.) 5) Counter arguments (other factors) that led to failure. These should be dealt with in turn, and should all be mentioned in the introduction. 6) Conclusion I'm happy to help further if you need targeted support (currently working as a tutor in London / on Skype).

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