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  1. Leo__

    Chemistry SL IA

    Okay guys so I need to give in my chemistry proposal and well i thought of a research question but i feel like somethings missing in it "Determining the malic acid content in apples/apple juices" How can i improve my research question and make it interesting? A fast response would helppp
  2. Do you guys have any ideas about what my friend and I can make a website on? Preferably including creativity and service?
  3. Purple and blue Favorite song these days?
  4. Okayy so I have the oppurtunity to take chemistry at HL or english at HL. I either wanna do something in the biology or business field in the future. So I was wondering if its a problem if i take chemistry at SL? I think English HL will help me in my extended essay, tok essay and sat1 stuff as well. So what do you think i should do? Is two sciences at HL too much?
  5. Leo__


    Well but im not considering engineering anymore so i think its all good
  6. Leo__


    Im planning to go to canada. Yea okay ill be talking to my coordinator tomorrow and lets hope everything goes well. I think my friends covered some of the second chapter too, do u think ill be able to catch up with that?
  7. Okay so i have actually decided that i want to be doing food sciences, nutrition and stuff along with business. So as i said i took physics, so do u guys think i should change physics to biology, i know ill have to catch up but thats my own fault for being indecisive but what do u guys think?
  8. Well I guess ill just have to see how i do in a couple of months, and if i feel like i wont be able to do it ill drop it to SL. If you guys have any websites or notes that help, please do give them. Thankss
  9. Okay so the thing is i took Physics HL for about two months now, but im finding it really difficult to solve questions and stuff. So i have the option of changing physics to SL and making english A1 to HL. Should i do this or not? Do you think physics HL wll be too hard? and the thing is that im not quite sure what ill be doing in the future, and if i do become an engineer will it work with physics SL? I also took chemistry HL, in which everything is going fine up till now. So in general do u think chemistry HL is harder or Physics HL? I asked way too many questions, but i need help as im confused, and which one will benefit me more by taking it at a higher level?
  10. Alrite ill try different routines .. thnx
  11. yeah i guess it does depend on me, but like how many hours should i study in a week? what should be a good enough amount to do well ?
  12. So im taking -English A1 SL -Arabic ab anitio SL -Business and Management HL -Physics HL -Chemisty HL -Math SL I want to revise these subjects everyday, so how much time should i spend on the weekdays and weekends for each of these?
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