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  1. ZhenXS

    Biology Paper 1 & 2 HL

    For the enzymes bit I was not sure as to what I should include. I also mentioned the specificity of an enzyme, but I also tried to explain how an enzyme is able to weaken the bonds between molecules (or something like that) which leads to less activation energy required for the reaction to happen.
  2. ZhenXS

    chi-squared biology question

    I'm not quite sure but... Isn't the options this year only until Option D? Never heard of Option G before...
  3. ZhenXS

    English Language and Literature Paper 2 HL/SL

    I did A Doll's House too! What did you talk about?
  4. ZhenXS

    Economics SL May 2016 (Paper 1)

    I wish I got the PeD question! I learnt a lot about PED hoping that it would come out
  5. ZhenXS

    English Language and Literature Paper 2 HL/SL

    I chose question 2, the one about the writers using atmospheres to some effects. I'm not sure if it was necessarily accompanied with sufficient analysis to warrant good marks, though. Hoping for the best! Anyone else chose question 2?
  6. Hey guys! Pretty sure that by now we can discuss things related to the economics exam. So for Paper 1 I did questions one and three; I actually messed up the diagram for subsidies in question one, for both part a and b. I am pretty confident about my answers for the macroeconomics question, but I guess I needed more time for a more refined answer. What do you guys think? Was it hard or pretty straightforward overall? P.S. I kinda forgot my time zone. So perhaps you guys in different times zones might have different sets of questions!
  7. ZhenXS

    English A HL Lang Lit Paper 1

    I chose the first pair too! It was about the environment or something right? (making sure that the timezone is the same) In my analysis I basically addressed the basic stuffs (purpose, context, audience, etc.) and I discussed most of the stylistic features and form and structure and what not.... while comparing and contrasting in between. I got to finish my essay, just hoping that it was enough of an analysis!
  8. Hey guys! My teacher just introduced me to the mathematics SL IA, otherwise known as the exploration. I just got an idea for a topic, but I am unsure whether the topic can be sufficiently explored as a mathematics SL exploration. I might be overthinking this; Its just that my teacher kept repeating over and over again the importance of the chosen topic. He said that if the topic is not suitable for a SL exploration, then I couldn't get high marks for one of the criteria. My chosen topic is the pyramid system of a multi level marketing (MLM) Some of the syllabus topics that I have been able to identify are: 1. Exponential and logarithmic functions 2. Patterns, sequences and series 3. Descriptive statistics What do you guys think? Is this topic going to be suitable? Thanks in advance! ZhenXS
  9. ZhenXS

    Survey - English A Literature

    Thank you for the positive responses! It is indeed interesting because I, myself, find it thought-provoking when I was introduced to this new idea of different ways of communication. Did any of you had to do a similar survey for English A Literature?
  10. Hey guys! I was asked to make a survey for my English A class. If you don't mind, please fill in the quick survey titled "What type of communicator are you?" Any responses will be much appreciated. Here is the link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/R5FBHS9 Thanks in advance!

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