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  1. hey guys, does anyone know how english langlit and tok are remarked? for tok, is only the essay remarked and for english are the orals and written task not remarked but only the paper 1 and 2? thanks
  2. Hi guys, when we want to remark a subject (e.g. English), are all assessments for that subject remarked (written task, paper 1 and 2, etc.) or just the ones we want to have remarked (e.g. if I only want my english paper 2 remarked)? Thanks and I hope results came out as you hoped
  3. Excuse me what? Also, do you know what narcissistic means? Or how on earth is this question supposed to be narcissistic. Also, regarding your question, I'd say dont use it. I think you would have to get IKEA's (or whomever holds the copyright to the image) official permission or pay them to use it legally.
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