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  1. English A1 HL - 6 Economics HL - 6 Psychology HL - 7 Finnish B SL - 7 Biology SL - 7 Mathematics SL - 7 Psychology EE - B TOK - C Bonus points: +1 TOTAL: 41! YAAY! Totally bummed about my EE grade that was predicted as an A, but otherwise I'm super pleased! I would have guessed that I would get 6s in Bio and Math, not English and Econ. I really wanted English to be a 7, but oh well! I bet it was close. Off to Edinburgh, now!!! Congratulations and good luck to everyone else!!!
  2. emmak

    Discussion of Uni Offers 2010

    I applied only to Scottish unis: Edinburgh, Glasgow, St Andrews, Stirling, and Aberdeen. I was predicted 44 points. Got offers from all of them... even an unconditional from Aberdeen! I firmed Edinburgh and chose Glasgow as my insurance. Both require 34 points, but Edinburgh also wants 555 HL. Congrats to all of you! Buying my plane tickets to Edinburgh this weekend... ^ ^
  3. I got 9pi + 6 as well!!! ^^ I've been lurking around here trying to make myself feel better about how the exams went (overall pretty good, just those little mistakes are wracking my brain!)... and I'm 100% sure that this is the answer I wrote down. Can't remember the equation or anything... any opinions on this??? 9 pi or 9pi + 6?
  4. emmak

    What time do you go to bed on average day?

    Well I just make sure to get around 8 hours a night. Sometimes 7 will do, but I need sleep to be able to function in school!!! So since school starts at 8.25 most mornings, I get up at 7, so I'm usually in bed at least by 11:00. One of my friends at school stays up all night playing WoW, and has the uncanny ability to sleep in every class without anyone noticing! Her head will start to nod, and she'll just breathe real deep... but one one notices! I don't think I could to that...
  5. Thanks for the tips, sweetnsimple! I looked up some different organizations in my area yesterday, and I think I'm going to donate the things I make to the Red Cross. Since they collect gently used clothing, new clothing should be even better, right? Especially handmade. Now I'll just have to see if someone from Red Cross can give me a supervisor's signature once I send my stuff in! Now to look up patterns...
  6. School newspaper I would assume would count for CAS... I got CAS hours for writing an article for the school paper, so it's pretty similar. And the calligraphy thing should count for creativity hours. Just make sure you don't have supervisors that are related to you, they don't really like to count those activities as legit. I'm super busy but I'm trying to find some CAS hours that I can easily do at home in the little spare time that I have, and I've been thinking about knitting or crocheting something. Anyone have any ideas on how to make this a CAS activity? Could I donate the items I make to a charity or something? If anyone's done something similar it'd be cool to hear ideas!
  7. emmak

    US Common App and Applying

    Hello... I've decided to apply to some colleges in the US as well as the UK, but I'm having some snafoos with the Common App. Question 1.) The questions are simple enough, but the problems come with the Secondary School section. You see, I graduated from high school in the US in 3 years, which means I have a GPA, class rank, ACT scores, etc. And now, I'm starting my last year of IB in Finland, meaning that I have two different secondary schools that I could put on the list. The section says "School You Now Attend (or school you graduated from)". But I'm assuming that this applies to people who have taken a skip year(s) but are still applying as freshmen. So according to the question, I should put my Finnish school and IB classes... but I won't have scores to report for any of those classes until July of next year. So my question is: should I submit details of my US high school or my current Finnish high school??? Whichever one I don't submit for the Secondary School section will go in the other details box. Any thoughts? I would ask my IB Coordinator but he's clueless when it comes to the US. Question 2.) Early decision, early action, or regular? I plan on applying to Brown, which definitely looks to be my first choice. Since I AM an international student, I would appreciate getting a decision in December so that the visa, health insurance, dorms, classes, etc. can all be planned. Is early decision a good choice? Any pros/cons? I've seen that there's a slightly higher chance of getting accepted under early decision than regular... so when applying to an Ivy school this couldn't hurt, right?! Thoughts/comments?! Thanks for the help guys! Early decision deadlines are Nov. 1 so I'm trying to get my thoughts all sorted before school starts this Monday and then I need to start the whole process!
  8. emmak

    MLA Citations for English EE

    Although my EE is in psychology and I'm using the APA format... I have the same question about the works cited/bibliography. My psychology course companion states: "Your list of references (bibliography) should begin on a new page, The list should be organized alphabetically by each author's last name. The reference list is a list of every work cited in the essay and only those cited." But when I've looked up EE formatting guides online, they seem to say that the bibliography includes every work that you've read and taken ideas from, but not necessarily cited in the essay. I even have a sample essay from my instructor that has a separate "notes/references" page with the works that were cited, then a more complete bibliography. Any help on this? Thanks!!!
  9. emmak

    What kind of computer do you use?

    Wow, there's a lot of positives and negatives for HPs! I've always been a PC type so I don't think it would suit me to get a mac. Just saying. For you college kids, what screen size do you have? My current is 15.4", and I've been looking into 13-14" screens. They seem to have the decent battery life, light weight, and enough memory. Sony VAIOs seem pretty and flashy, but are more expensive than other models. So far, the HP Pavilion dv4t 14.1" has caught my eye... free upgrade to Windows 7, savings on Microsoft Office Home & Student... it seems to be a good college laptop. Anyone have reviews for the performance for this specific one or similar ones? I DON'T think I'll return to Dell, even though their pretty colors appeal to me... performance is a lot more important. This laptop gets to about 90 degrees Fahrenheit when running just normal programs, and isn't very fast. Shall have to look for a good deal when it comes my way!
  10. Hello all! I am currently using a Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop for all my internet and word documenting needs... but I've been trying to do some research about a new computer to buy for the start of college next year. What kind of computers do you use? Desktop or laptop? What brand? Any recommendations? I've been looking into HPs... Thanks for the help!
  11. Quick question before I start uploading practice papers... are they to be handwritten or typed? All of my mock exams from school are handwritten, and have handwritten notes from the teacher on them. Should I type them up and then submit them, or submit them as is? My handwriting is very neat and readable... but I was just wondering.
  12. emmak

    griffith university (gold coast)

    Well... I've never even been to Australia, but I DID attend an informational meeting with representatives from Griffith University and they made it sound awesome! They said that the nightlife and everything is great because Brisbane and that part of Australia is a really great tourist spot. It's right next to the beach and the views are magnificent! They also said that the city is easy to get around because of the public transport. Hope this helps at least a little!
  13. emmak

    Psych Expectations

    I agree with the first comments there, about Psych being interesting if you have a keen interest in Psychology. I do, so I love the class! However, we don't have a lot of case studies or reports to write. I think this depends mostly on your teacher and how they decide to cover the syllabus. Mostly we work with notes and handouts, along with lectures. (My teacher really sucks, by the way!) I really like Psychology and plan to get a degree in it, but you should have some interest in it before you start, otherwise it's hard to keep up with all of the info and stuff you have to memorize. For me, it's one of my "easier" classes because I have really good English writing skills, and because I like the subject.
  14. emmak

    New IB Psychology Textbook

    I bought this book recently and used it to study for my mocks. The information in it is relevant to the course... but is slightly confusing. For example, there are no clear sections for the 4 different perspectives, they're kind of all scattered throughout. I don't know why John Crane would make it this way! *shrug* It has a lot of information and makes links with TOK often. Overall, I would recommend the book, but the organization of it threw me off a bit. Hope this helps!
  15. emmak

    Can you fail Ib year 1?

    At my school we have mock exams twice a year. If by the spring mock you don't have the 24 points that are required when you graduate the IB, they won't let you go on to the final year. There's a couple boys in my class that are facing that now. They only got like 1s or 2s in some subjects, so they have to completely redo this year! Mostly they don't 'like' to do that at my school, and they try to encourage you to retake tests and do extra work so you prove worthy... but these people in question just gave up and decided not to come to school until the next school year. Go figure!

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