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  1. Hey guys! So I've been trying to make up my mind on whether to switch to Math Studies from SL. Math has ALWAYS been a struggle for me. I've had Math SL since IB1 and have continued with it in IB2; however, my grade has been constantly a 2, close to failing, but I've just passed my Mocks (basically by taking advantage of method-points.) Anyway, so the student counselor said it might be a risk for me to take the Math SL final exam what with my grade being a 2. I'm just afraid that if I switch down to Studies that it might close lots of doors to unis for me. My intentions, though, have never included studying more math or going into a career in which math is essential (medicine, engineering, whatever). Being in Math Studies would also raise my overall GPA (even though it is good at the moment, but it'd be a bonus.) So: I'm worried that sticking to Math SL will result in me failing the final Math SL exam; but unis would appreciate SL more. Math Studies would give me better grades and I'd pass the finals; I'd have time to invest in my other subjects even more. On the other hand, there's the question of my future studies and universities not liking Math Studies (even if I'm not interested in a math-based/centered career.) I would really, really appreciate the input and any advice you'd have to offer me. Thank you! (:
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