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  1. philipb

    May 2010 Candidates Unite! - Chat thread

    Pretty nervous, too bad my school has 300 people, maybe our co-ordinator would have bothered giving us our grades if there were so many emails to send.
  2. philipb

    Philosophy May 2010

    I think I really screwed up on paper 1. I really think I approached it wrong. Paper 2 however really went well and was much easier than paper 1.
  3. philipb

    May 2010, English SL Paper 1

    For Piano and drums I talked about childhood dreams and adventures. How they kind of co-exist with both the civility of the mother and the need for adventure in the imaginary world
  4. philipb

    May 2010, English SL Paper 1

    For mine I did poetry on a piece called 'Piano and Drums'
  5. philipb

    Case Study 2010

    Ok, I learnt how to upload a file. Here you go, it's large though so it'll take a while to download.
  6. philipb

    Discussion of Uni Offers 2010

    Just out of curiosity, why NUS?
  7. philipb

    Case Study 2010

    I have access to a gigantic 82 (yes, that's right EIGHTY TWO) page analysis someone did of N-Pharma. That's essentially the center point for my revision, going through term by term, plus questions on each topic etc. Also ratios is very obvious, I would do them in advance so that you can make sure you have the right answer in the exams.
  8. philipb

    Philosophy Revision Tips

    Ok, recently things have gotten better for me with my essays and all and I wanted to share what I changed that has finally brought me up to a six. Alright, criteria A: The trick seems to be as clear and concise as possible. Use paragraphs to separate out your theory, analysis, arguments etc. Criteria B: Layout a theory from its assumptions to its final points. For a Kant ethics paper: start with his postulates, then maxims, and continue till you reach the relevant ideas you need. Criteria C: Refer to the stimulus. Give lots of examples. Critically analyse as much as you can, not just final concepts, assumptions and reasoning as well! Criteria This is my weakest area, really, what I think they're looking for is a very convincing argument. So I would say to almost change your tone between paragraphs. Eg. For knowledge, present the ideas clearly, for analysis show your love/hate for the theory. Hope this helps!
  9. philipb

    United World College

    I go to the UWC in Singapore, it's great, despite what people say everyone finds their group of friends. Plus, as a large school their is a large number of opportunities presented that you can't get in other schools. For example, we have three 'seasons' for drama, which means at the end of each term there will be a number of performances. All the UWC's are absolutely awesome, I'm proud to be a graduate.
  10. philipb

    Philosophy Revision Tips

    Firstly: I have a bunch of various textbooks for philosophy ranging from mind/body to environmental in the end I don't think that there is a list of philosophers you need to know. So any good, clear comprehensive text will be fine I think. Secondly: I need to get myself a copy of that book. Lastly: IB philosophy students unite! Possibly the most fringe subject out of all the IB subjects available.
  11. philipb

    My "IB Guidebook" -- Comments?

    Finally someone admits to having a mental breakdown! I'm not the only one! Damn those people who just seem to float on a cloud of better grades than me with only half the effort and work I put in.
  12. philipb

    Private Lessons?

    Getting a tutor may be necessary- just not yet. Get to know the classes and if something's just not clicking that's when you should look for some outside help.
  13. philipb

    Average Total of IB Scores

    My school's average is 36 and I believe that the world average is 30 IB points from what I read on my school's website. 36 is actually pretty good considering that we have over 300 students in IB2 alone (we have 3000 students in my school). Now the ASCI in Singapore, the school which is neighbouring my school. There are a lot of stories of iffy practices which would give these guys a considerable advantage over people following the IB program as it was intended to be done.
  14. philipb

    Swine flu

    Its come to my school and the absences are slowly starting to be noticed. Hopefully this will blow over quickly.
  15. philipb

    Where have you travelled?

    I'm very lucky to have traveled over a fair portion of the world. Most of Europe, the US, quite a bit of Asia. I hope to one day visit the middle east, south american and antarctica

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