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  1. DarkChestofWonders

    UK Visa Documents

    Thank you very much! I found the document online, so you don't have to send it to me.
  2. DarkChestofWonders

    UK Visa Documents

    I read in a list of documents for the UK Visa that 'original certificates' must be submitted during our Visa appointment. Does this refer to our diploma hard copies? If so, as we won't be receiving our hard copies until sometime in August (My school couldn't give me a specific date), does this mean we can't have our Visa appointment before we receive our diplomas? If my course begins on the 1st of October, will I be left with sufficient time to make my Visa?
  3. DarkChestofWonders

    Extended Essay Mid- Essay Crisis

    Oh no, that's not the exact research question. The research question is "Testing the presence of unauthorized red food colouring in cakes sold in large markets in Jakarta using Thin Layer chromatography"
  4. DarkChestofWonders

    Extended Essay Mid- Essay Crisis

    I'm not sure I understand how it is related to biology. Can you explain why you think so?
  5. DarkChestofWonders

    Extended Essay Mid- Essay Crisis

    I'm in my second year of IB, and I have already begun an Extended Essay in Chemistry. However, after becoming more aware of the extended essay criteria, I have become a little worried about my research question and its ability to fulfil all the necessary criteria. My Extended Essay examines the prevalence of unsafe red food colourings in my city. I plan to do this by testing for the presence of safe food colourings, and comparing results where the safe colouring is not present with suspect dyes (Industrial dyes mostly) My worries are primarily as follows: 1. Criterion B: Introduction- A lot of background knowledge and context is not chemistry based 2. Criterion C :Knowledge and understanding- The only way I can show knowledge and understanding is through a detailed explanation of the technique used. Also, can someone explain what "Academic context" means? 3.Criterion E: Reasoned argument- I don't think there can be much argument. It will probably just be a yes/ no thing. (If I am understanding this criterion correctly) Are my worries justified? Is it possible for me to fix them or should I switch to a new research question? Is it too late to switch to a new research question?
  6. DarkChestofWonders

    IB Top Genres

    Symphonic Metal Anime Music I do listen to quite a lot of other stuff (Currently obsessed with Florence and the Machine), but they are too thinly spread over many genres. These two are the only ones I find myself consistently listening to.
  7. DarkChestofWonders

    IB physics past paper help

    Sure. The biggest problem I have in this question is the dots. The mark scheme tells us to draw two dots, when I only found space for one. Also, why is the final speed 2.4 and not 2.2? Finally, distance at 5.6s given by the mark scheme seems to be the distance at 4.8s.
  8. DarkChestofWonders

    IB physics past paper help

    Can someone with access to the May 2008 paper help?( It's available in xtremepapers) I can't seem to make sense of the answers to question B4 pt. 2 (Linear and circular motion) Can someone please explain it to me?
  9. DarkChestofWonders

    Electron configuration

    In the 2014 edition of the oxford textbook, the author wrote that the correct way to show a configuration is [Noble Gas] 3dx4sy. The writer even provided justification for it. However, the study guide from the same publisher (oxford) said the correct way is [Noble Gas] 4sy3dx. I know that the latter is more conventional, but has the IB shown preference for one or the other in previous years, or given any updates on it?
  10. For WT 1, are making up facts about a famous personality acceptable for the sake of exploration? What about including one's own interpretation of a text, or other people interpretation of the text? ( as in its purpose, etc.)
  11. DarkChestofWonders

    MTOCs, Centrosomes and Centrioles

    My teacher says spindle fibers grow from centrioles. My book said they grew from Microtubule Organizing Centers (MTOCs). While looking for the difference between the two, I came across the term 'centrosomes'. I can't seem to understand the difference between these terms, can someone help me? Also, I'm dong the 2016 syllabus. (Just saying in case it would affect the answer in any way, although I don't see any mention of it in the syllabus.)
  12. DarkChestofWonders

    Nature of science, international mindedness, ToK portions

    Thank you for the replies. ToK is a bit clearer now, but although I am now a bit more secure about the NoS and IM, I am still having some trouble understanding the new syllabus. Hopefully they'll make it clear with the specimen paper (If we get any. I am not familiar with the IB's policy on specimen papers.) Until then I guess it'll be safer to put the NoS and IM portions in my notes.
  13. I don't understand NoS, international mindedness and the Tok portion of classes. Will they be assessed in the final IB examinations, or are they just added for understanding?

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