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  1. Classof15IB

    Math IA Exploration Topic

    I have chosen Gambler's Fallacy for my maths SL IA ... but im not sure how im supposed to work on it? i have no idea about math explorations so .. i wanted to ask for help, comments, suggestions and so thanks in advance
  2. Classof15IB

    TOK presentation help

    i decided to change my topic to to what extent is animal experimentation considered ethical ?? any comments/ideas? thanks in advance
  3. Classof15IB

    TOK presentation help

    So im guessing my topic is very broad.. i like the idea where i incorporate science into my topic.. or maybe i should change my topic? any ideas at all ? or advice ?? thank you in advance
  4. Classof15IB

    TOK presentation help

    We're currently doing our tok presentations and i have come up with the knowledge question being "to what extent can language be considered deceiving" ? Is this a good knowledge question? I dont exactly know what a tok presentation should include.. and so i dont know what i should be doing? Can anyone give me advice,tips, or ideas? Thanks in advance

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