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  1. It comes down to what Option you answer on the exam (You are given ALL of them), and then what option you specify on the cover-sheet of the exam. Your teacher doesn't have a say at all.
  2. Programming: Practice, practice, practice and more practice! The only way to learn programming is to practice! The learning-curve is steep, but it gets better. What option are you doing? Theory should be relatively okey. Just study, and practice the discrete mathematics. With a good understanding of discrete maths you will do the programming part better.
  3. No I was not.
  4. It came to wanting something that can remind me of what the IB actually is. Go back and look at the aim or intent of the International Baccalaureate Organization. The founder of the IBO asked herself "Educational Techniques for peace. Do they exist?". The IB Learner Profile and the intent of educating youth to prevent wars like WWII made me get it. You could call it a form of identification with who I am raised and educated to be. Took it at the local tattoo studio where I live. Jessheim, Norway.
  5. Yes, it is real. Got it last week.
  6. A guy that graduated in 2014 did a website that acted as an application for the IB. He got full marks. As long as you use somewhat complex code and document it well, it is very possible.
  7. But what about the for oil producing country such as Norway. A fall in oil price means oil mining is less profitable thus As will shift?? That's true, fall in oil prices is good news fo oil importers but bad news for oil exporters, such as Venezuela, Nigeria, or Iraq. Norway, though, invests a big part of its oil revenues in so-called oil fund which is unvulnerable to oil prices (because it is simply money). Therefore, fall in oil prices n Norway will lead to lower revenues from mining until the prices recover, but they are unlikely to hurt the economy because Norway is active in many other industries, for which a fall in oil prices means lower production costs. Oil is an important commodity used in virtually every industry, and only the oil-mining industry will see its revenues fall. The most important feature of the situation in which energy price falls is that the costs of production of all the firms using oil as the production input and get significantly lower. This might be somewhat off-topic, but it is worth mentioning I think. Norway´s fund is FAR from invulnerable to oil prices. In November 2014, the Norwegian Krone (NOK) was pretty strong. 1USD = ~5.5 NOK 1EUR = ~7.5 NOK 1 British pound = ~ 10.4 NOK December 2014, after the fall in oil-price. 1USD = ~8.2 NOK 1EUR = ~9.2 NOK 1 British pound = 11.8 NOK The fall affected the Norwegian economy A LOT. Our largest firms are within the oil-industry and fell over 30% in stock prices over the last 4 months.
  8. I would google the text and see if you find something. I also know that some schools have software that checks the internet whenever people hand in texts. You could ask to get your essay tested there.