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  1. jh810

    IB subjects help!

    Background: IGCSE Double Science (A*A*) CIE Maths (A*) Chi First Lang (A) ESL (A) Eng Lang (B) Eng Lit (B) Resistant Materials (A) History (A*) Current Subjects: HL - Chi B, Physics, Chem, Econ* SL - Maths, Eng Lit A *everyone got moved to HL in my school since the syllabus and the exam is so similar 1) How much does Maths SL affect my chances of getting into engineering/computer science/physics related course in a decent university (Canada/HK), even if I took Physics and Chem HL? 2) Should I drop one of my HL subjects, so I can spend more time on other subjects? Or should I keep the Chem/Physics to compensate for the Maths SL? (Don't think I can cope with Maths HL)

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