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  1. I have to hand in my English course work in a week or so and I still have not written my reflective statement. I finished my essay which explores Murakami's Elephant Vanishes' as a critic of married life, however I do not know how to write the reflection and therefore would appreciate your help.
  2. I am posting this because I really need your assistance and I would really appreciate if you could help me out (lately I've been getting no responses), I recently got my draft for my IA back with an estimated grade of 16 out of 20 and the comment that in order to improve my grade I should include more mathematics. In my essay I investigate the stability of different scenarios as well as model possible strategies. i also create my own scenario and solve it. I anybody aware of functions I can explore or similar topics with 'more mathematics'. I want to reiterate that I would really appreciate any suggestions and would encourage people to contact me if they need help chem EE or any question relating to my HL courses. (Chem, Bio, Spa)
  3. Wait until next year it gets worst, however I always mange to sleep 7 hours, 12:00 to 7:00. As long a you are efficient and maintain a schedule its fine. I play football training four times a week for 2-2:30 hours so on special days I don't manage to complete everything and therefore organisation is fundamental.
  4. There is quote option... Good luck
  5. 1) My favourite team is Real Madrid as I grew up going to the Santiago living through the good time and the bad I especially lie our playing style despite the fact that we haven't had the best two years. 2) I'm a central defender and play for Lazio Youth 3) My favourite player of all time is Zidane due to the fact that he manages to make a team play better than they would do without him. Currently I admire Sergio Ramos as he is a very dedicated captain always there for the club despite injury. #Undecima
  6. Hi, I have my mocks in a few days and I can't find my essay on 'To what extent were Nazi's economic policies a success' and I was wandering if anybody was willing to send me theirs in exchange for one of mine. Please above a 13, but preferably 14. I have essays on the causes of WW2, Stalin, Mao, the Spanish Civil War and Bismark. Otherwise Im pretty good at Chemistry, Biology and Maths SL and I could helpif you have any questions. Thanks in advance.
  7. You could look at the effect of brewing time for the yield of caffeine in coffee or tea. I also strongly advice you to stay away from kinetics as it have been overdone. A good topic you could investigate apart from the caffeine idea could be optical rotation of chiral molecules, the effect of altering the concentration of a of a dextrororatory sugar on the angle of rotation of light for example. Good luck, feel free to send me a message if you need anymore help.
  8. Hello, Happy New Year. I have my mock exams in about five days and I feel quite confident in my exams as I know what to expect with the exception of English Paper 2. 2 weeks before the end of term we started preparing this paper which involved annotating 6 poems, 3 from Larkin and 3 from Keats (I know that for the real exam its around 40 poems from 3 authors). Due to time restriction we never did any practice papers and I do not know what to expect can anyone provide any guidance, it will be highly appreciated. I try to help people in areas which I am strong at: Maths SL, Chemistry HL, and Bio HL and I hope someone can help me out. Regards A student of IB
  9. If your presentation and the chemistry you use is of high standard the experiment you carried out is of little importance, so the topic is fine. For significance I advice you to look at alternative energies the IB really like them. Furthermore to achieve the higher marks you have to clearly show processed data therefore I advice you to calculate the uncertainties for the data you have collected, Finally I am sorry but I am unable to help you with your last point as I am unaware of the uncertainty of that equation and if you were to find it I would appreciate if you could inform me. Good luck
  10. In my school you can investigate any topic you want and the topics we have chosen range from the Cuban Missil Crisis to the Locarno Pact. I advice you to select a topic with conflicting perspectives that you find interesting so that the process is easier send me a message if you need more help.
  11. Chemstryandbio

    Physics SL

    My advice is that if you are very passionate go for it but understand that it will require a lot of work, I took physics until I realised I wanted to study medicine. If you are not pursuing a career that explicitly ask for physics I would choose something else. Good luck, you still have time anyway.
  12. 4e^x/2-3e^-x chain rule: u'(v) x v' (derivative of e = e) (4e^x/2 x x) - (3e^-x x -1) 4xe^x/2 + 3e^-x Hope it helps send me a message if you need anymore help
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