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  1. Hi, I would appreciate if some one would please give me some suggestions and feedback on the essay that I wrote on the Albert Camus, the Stranger.
  2. Hi For my Biology IA Lab report i did the pill bug expiration with two debris dishes. I used two different yellow and blue light. I cant come up with a good research question. My last one was Research Question: Between the light rays of blue and yellow, what is the pill bug favorite light color according to their living needs. In this lab we had to record the number of pill bugs present in each dish every 30 second and see which side do they prefer. They usually want danker sides and hate light and heat in general because light damages their breathing systems.
  3. I know EE are sent to IB , but is essay and TOK presentation graded by our teacher ?
  4. Hello, In 11th grade we read many intresting books such as Lolita in tehran and persepolis. Now in 12th we are doing Kafka on the shore...... can we do our IA on the 11th grade books ? We have a new teacher for 12th grade? And howabout IOP?
  5. Therefor in this paper I will investigate the effect of Taliban invasion of 1996 on living condition of Afghan women. This will be on the Abstract for me EE
  6. .After a little bit of research i was able to find something that i might be able to use. To what extend does Taliban invasion of Afghanistan in 1996 gave rise to the drug addiction today. To what extend did the decade long wars in Afghanistan gave rise to the drug addiction today. Guys help me alter the question if needed or if you have any new idea please tell me
  7. Hello i need some one please to explain where in which column i should put my data in. I have never made a graph in excel before Please how do you do error bars ? This is for BIO IA
  8. I have done my EE On The effect of taliban invasion of afghanistan on women health. It came out to be very bad as i used all my sources from one. My teacher asked me to changed my topic and i have 5 days. Any suggestions on what i should change it to which is still focuses on Afghanistan. I can still use 1/4 of my past essay.
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