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  1. Another one bites the dust.....
  2. I am currently in the process of making an FOA on part 1 of the english course. I want to talk about taboo and swearing, because this is what we have gone mostly through in class, since i am supposed to somehow involve culture into the matter i need some ideas as to how i should present. Some ideas of my own: - How the use of profanities in ads differ across cultures - Use of profanities in ads/literature differ today vs in the past I would preferably talk about ads, but i am also having a hard time finding suitable ones to use (that differs between cultures)
  3. As the title says, i have the IOC coming up and i am unsure as to how and what i should do to prepare. Any tips?
  4. I have briefly started working on my extended essay about "The effects on quantitative easing on the stock-market". I am going to conduct research on how the stock market is affected by quantitative easing, interviews for my primary research and documents for my secondary research. I am kind of unsure what theory is should include, and such. And i am more than open to recieve tips that could improve my essay.
  5. I would like some tips about how to structure the assesment. We used independent sample design and opportunity sample. WHat kind of bias should i show? Are there any specific psychological theories (schema for example) i should mention and talk about? What should i include in the discussion
  6. I am working on my TOK presentation and i have decided to talk about this: Real life situation: The snowden case in 2013 Research question: How much governmental control is too much governmental control? I am not quite sure which AoK, or WoK i should link the presentation up too, any tips? I know more or less what i am going to say, but tips are of course appreciated!
  7. Ok, i do understand your point. Thanks for helping me out!
  8. So manmade inflations affection of the stock-market would not work at all?
  9. Thanks for answering! do you have any tips as to which industry would be the easiest to investigate?
  10. We have recently started working on our EE's, and i have determined to write about inflation. More specifically how "manmade" inflation affects the stockmarket in Norway, and if it is healthy for our economy or not. Im not 100% done formulating my research question yet, but it will be something along the lines of: To what extent does man-made inflation affect the stockmarket in Norway? - Im planning on interviewing someone from Oslo Stock-exchange, and i have also contacted a man from my city who has made quite a bit of money from stocks. Will this be sufficient? - What economic theory is the most relevant to this topic? - What do you think about the topic overall? Thanks in advance!
  11. So i am currently doing math and physics SL, and its going fine and all but i would really like to have more problems than the book offers to work with, to really be able to grasp it. Anyone know where i can find this?
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