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  1. I'm in the same boat actually. I honestly thought I was the only one who was struggling with the EE. My EE was due in november as well and tbh I only have 500 words :'( yeah I can only blame myself I've just procrastinated so much that I don't even want to think about the EE atm. I'm thinking about dropping IB because if I don't hand in my EE I'll get kicked out and I'm doing poorly in chemistry HL as well :/. But the problem with that decision is that my school doesn't have an opening for the courses I need to take for the programs I applied to ( gr 12 chemistry and english)... Any advice would be appreciated but idk I'm in such a mess I don't think I have many options anymore.
  2. Hey fellow IBers I'm in a bit of a crappy situation. My EE final copy was due a month ago and I (fortunately) got an extension.... which passed a week ago.... and I still haven't finished my EE. I know I need to get this done and soon and I still only have 500 words but I'm just wondering what other schools have put their internal deadline for. Hopefully this might just give me peace of mind in trying to scramble and get this ee together.
  3. I'm sorry but why is this relevant to anything at ALL? How rude can people be? it doesn't matter if she's a VS model or a random person on the street, calling someone ugly and broadcasting your opinion is, simply, bullying. Get your **** together and stop whining over how another person looks because it's rude. I don't come here on this website to share how ugly I think people are. What you think of her is your business and keep it that way or just go to a gossip column. I'm also honestly not trying to be rude but fr did you have to make a post on how ugly you think she is?
  4. Accounting for sure... I'd probably die from boredom :/ what do you do right after school? (lool randoomm)
  5. yeah I have a few bio books at home so if i don't get something they explain it a bit better but I'll for sure check out the extra courses since Biology is the field I want to go into I find it fascinating but it's just i didn't expect the marking scheme to be this way smh
  6. I love you people so much ahhhhhhhhhh thanks for the feedback and encouragement
  7. why not alter these topics to when the soviets invaded afghanistan in the 70's.... that's actually what sparked these islamic terrorist groups and extremists but you can also talk about how when they invaded afghanistan, afghan people had to go to Pakistan as refugees and they brought their HUGE trade of drugs (opium/marijuana) with them, and that also led to the destruction of the pakistani social hierarchy and obviously afghanistan's too. just a suggestion
  8. well... It's my first year of IB and I'm taking SL bio. Right now I have a Level 3.... I know it's totally embarrassing :/ Can I bring up my mark to a level 7? or is it virtually impossible now? and I'm talking about my grade 11/ predicted grade mark, not my grade 12 Bio exam mark thanks :/
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