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  1. Colleges wan't Eco Hl and award 6-8 credits for a six while most don't really care about BM HL. Surprisingly, To do a BM course in college, some ask for ECO HL
  2. The questions wont be together. i.e, the macro questions and the micr-question would not be interlincked and you need to study them as two seperate topics! All The Best
  3. The domestic market would not be effected as tariffs are taxes on international goods. The domestic markets, if at all effected, would be getting larger market shares, leading to more domestic employment.
  4. http://www.undercurrentnews.com/2014/10/20/russia-import-ban-prompts-buy-russian-campaign/
  5. If you want to specify you R.Q you could focus on three or less literary devices. I did my E.E on foreshadowing alone. The R.Q would constantly change as you do your E.E, you don't need to worry about it until you have completely completed your E.E. You could also specify what elements would it influence or how it would influence. Check out the R.Qs of past E.Es and compare it to yours. I found the E.Es from the 50 exemplar E.Es published by I.B very useful. All the best!
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