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  1. Nope, it does not.
  2. What happens if I forgot to write how many 4-page answer booklets I've used in Math HL? Will they read them anyway?
  3. I neglected that too How about improving the measurement through shifting this device? I wrote that it will have no effect on refractive index. And what about the thickness of the glass? I wrote that the percentatge uncertainty will be smaller but that was just guessing. I didn't find that paper all that easy but I did well in P2
  4. Yes, thats what you had to do for the emf question.
  5. In percentage uncertainty I had 1, I don't remember the pool question, and in polarization I had this curve that looked like normal curve
  6. For me, Paper 2 was okay but Paper 1 was very hard, especially compared to Specimen and Past Papers.
  7. Hey, I'm doing my EE in Econ - investigating the market structure of gym market in my city. I'm wondering whether I should put the websitse of the gyms that I looked onto to check prices and offers into the bibliography. Or is bibliography a place for "serious literature" only? I've links to this websites in footnotes and using Oxford stylye, FYI.
  8. I gues you mean the market structure of an industry, not an area, don't you? I'm also doing mine on market structure so if you say something more precise, I hope I may be helpful
  9. I took it a year early but I think it was quite OK, although I know that I mixed up two verbs. I am also kind of anxious about the true/false exercise because I know that I got true/false part right, but justifications sometimes turn out to be too long or something.
  10. It's funny because I accidentally hit upon this subject this morning. Then, I had mock Econ paper1 and exactly that question was there. Tnaks guys!
  11. Oh, that's you, see u. As you have probably noticed, I do enjoy helping people with Econ
  12. Yes, LRAS shifts as a result of a shift of SRAS, so both must happen at once.
  13. No, it implies that the prices decrease. Hence, the prices of production will decrease too.
  14. Alright, so it means that a fall in AD was much larger than the rise in SRAS. Sorry then. Still 4 months is short run
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