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  1. asdfghjkl79

    Nov 2015 Chemistry SL Paper 1 and 2

    Hey guys Just for anyone who did the IB chemistry exam (paper 1 and 2 only!) on the 13th, how did you guys find it? Was just wondering, for paper 2, how many significant figures/decimal places did you guys have for the percentage error?
  2. asdfghjkl79

    Biology HL Paper 1/2 (no p/3 discussion!)

    I thought they were okay, I struggled most with the data analysis question for Paper 2. Did anyone get the question on paper 1 about emergent properties and the one about the world population growth curve?
  3. asdfghjkl79

    English A Literature SL Paper 1

    Yeah it was; I agree I found it quite fast-paced and "lure you into the moment" kinda thing. What was your big/main/overarching idea though? I discussed the power of nature (weather) against man, but I'm not quite sure if that was correct.
  4. It doesn't seem as though anyone's started a discussion, so I thought i might as well. How did everyone go for English Paper 1 (literature)? I did the prose, but personally I found it quite challenging given the little time we had. I also heard the poem was quite difficult. How did everyone go?
  5. asdfghjkl79

    Biology Extended Essay

    I'm doing my biology EE on the effect of either blueberries/cranberries on inhibiting growth of E. coli. I know it doesn't sound very special or unique, so I've made some variations and I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice? 1) Effect of different processing of blueberries on antimicrobial effect (eg fresh/raw, frozen, juice, canned) - but the main problem with this it's hard to find materials without added sugar or preservatives 2) Comparing antimicrobial effect of cranberry juice, dried cranberries, frozen cranberries with processed cranberry pills (for UTI)? - the problem with this one is I can't find any natural cranberries so I'm not sure if that's a bad thing??
  6. asdfghjkl79

    Maths SL November 2014 paper 1 and 2 discussion

    what did everyone write for Q7b on paper 2? it was the one about "why does the graph pass through point A again"

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