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  1. Frazer, the topmost (and the biggest) blue question mark is the nucleus
  2. Thanks Frazer, Susanne. Yes, I'm pretty sure the ones marked in red are Golgi apparatus stacks. SEM micrographs aren't my favourite either.
  3. Hi Frazer, thank you for your reply. Would it be possible for you to upload the picture with the mitochondria marked (by arrows or circles)?Else I can email the picture to you as well.
  4. Can anyone please help me out with the following question from Oxford IB course companion - 2014 edition Identify three mitochondria in the freeze-etched electron micrograph given below
  5. 37 downloads

    Detailed notes for the subtopic 'Neurons and synapses' including action potential steps and transmission of nerve impulse at a synapse. Referenced from Pearson, Oxford course companion and other IB recommended textbooks.