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  1. GEOGRAPHY on whichever level. But i also think that it depends a lot on what you like. I have friends that they do Math HL, Physics HL and History HL and they love it and consider them to be easy courses, yet id die in my own screams of agony if i were to be in one of those classes. I think Math Studies or Geography is pretty simple, and it requires a lot of logic so its easy to pass, but if you don't like it then its not the same thing.
  2. Hello! I'm doing my mathematics exploration, and i have to hand in the fisability plan, but i don't know how to state it. I know my question is quite confusing but im completely lost with how to write/structure it. I know what im going to do, its just the formal structure that confuses me. Im doing it on beauty and ratios and to test my hypothesis (if beauty is really in the eye of the observer, of if it is defined in the ratio and angles of the face) thanks!
  3. Hello! I´ve just been introduced to the ToK presentations, but my teacher is useless and he has not given me any actual explanation about what it consists of. I´m trying to think up a title/question for the presentation, but i´m confused about what it has to be about. Is it a problem? An issue? I´m also not sure how to structure it. Some sites that I visit say that I need to have two sides of an argument, whilst others just say to relate it to a real life situation. Fell free to include any other tips! Thank you so much!
  4. I've been given 2 weeks (four classes) to prepare my TOK presentation, and I can't even choose a topic. Can you guys help me decide what would be a good topic for my presentation? These are the ones i've come up with so far. 1. Materialism: how do humans relate money to happiness. 2. Premarital sex 3. What is beauty? 4. Adoption? 5. Obesity and eating disorders. 6. How do we know whether we are acting in a “good†or “moral†way? 7. Stealing Thank you!
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