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  1. I did a biology lab in school which had so many errors in the procedure and equipment. When doing the design lab, can I make the procedure and materials like how it is supposed to be with minimal error or do I have to write the procedure and method the wrong and error way
  2. I did a biology lab in school with so much error associated, my teacher says i can't do it again so what do i do about the lab report. Do i make the lab report procedure the good way(without the errors) or do i have to make the procedure my way which had error associated
  3. I was doing a biology lab and looked at my older brother's lab from 2 years ago, i used the same question as he did but did my own research and data collection as well as my own knowledge for the lab but not for the research question. I feel like I should fail, is this cheating?
  4. I just passed in my first IB biology lab report. I am doing certificate for IB Biology only. I am in grade 11. I think I failed my first lab. Will this ruin my chances of doing good
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