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  1. Is the case Study Kit by paul Hoang useful??? Please reply! Thanks in advane
  2. Hey everbody Can we use concepts which is out of syllabus ( not in the curriculam) for the extended essay?
  3. An IB student is capable of intense research and exploration.
  4. Hey Everybody, I am doing my Maths Exploration in Nine-POint cirlce. The objective is to find the significance of nine-point circle in architecture. I really need help! Thanks in advance
  5. Hey guys!! I am having my final IOC next week! Do you guys have any suggstions on how to prepare during that 20 mts of preparation? Thanks in advance P.S. Can we use a cue card ?
  6. Hey guys, One of my friends is yet to finalize his EE Topic. This post is to help him. Should the EE title be Forward thinking or backward Thinking? Help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  7. Hey guys! This is not IB related. Just wanted to know how many of you are writing your Exams in November 2015?
  8. Hey! Don't you think you are starting really late? By the way I would go with Macbeth and Siddhartha as you wanted something related to ambitions
  9. Hey! (: "To what extent has the acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook affected the em HRM." Is this a good topic for Extended Essay. Help is appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  10. 16 - 17 According to the Law you are still a kid ..... U become an adult only when u ARE 18 16- 17 old are either teengers or young adults.
  11. Give it some time! If it does not get better Let GO!
  12. Math is a significant subject in Architecture I wanna become a architect too and that is why I have taken Maths HL. Maths SL is fine (I Think) Math sudies is a big No-No if you are still interested in Architecture. Best of Luck!
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