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  1. Almost all my classes were in spanish, but I do have the Physics SL boundaries (sort of): 46-57 = 5 57-68 (ish) = 6 68 (ish)+ = 7 33 (ish) - 46 = 4
  2. Zerozak

    Physics EE

    What my teacher told me is that a Physics EE (a practical one) is like a more advanced IA (a lab). You should do some research on what you're going to do, before doing the experiment. Record everything about it, do it several times (not just a couple like in an IA, you should have a TON of data points). The analysis should go deeper into how the experiment works, why it works that way, if you accomplished your objective, if so why or why not. You should use plenty of references, even if just for the theory. Have an introduction of why this EE is important, why you chose to do this experiment (maybe you like light/colors and you think lamps could be more efficient, or something like that). Be concise, but extensive. Meaning that, you should not write "fluff" just to get to 3000 words or whatever, but you need to explain what your data means, graph it (if necessary) and then analyze that graph and explain what it means for the experiment. You need to write down all the formulas you will use (not the calculations, that isnt really important), and state what each variable means, how you are measuring those variables, etc... e.g: F=-KX F in this formula is the resultant force of the spring -K is the spring constant X is the distance travelled by the spring Always be sure to specify the variables completely, like "X", you shouldnt just say "it's the distance travelled", you need to complete it by saying what is travelling that distance. In general, yes you need to do your research, you need to show that you are making an experiment but you also know the background information on it, you know why it is important, you know how to interpret the data, etc... The experiment itself is not too important, as long as you did it correctly (meaning no mistakes in measuring and stuff like that - aside from error, that you should take into account in your measurements), same goes for the results, they can support your original hypothesis, or not, what is important is that you can explain why those results came to be. That's the main thing. You get your results, and you have to be able to explain, with your data and knowledge, how you got those results (by analysis), why those results happened (the lamp you used has a high wattage/ the voltage was too low/ etc...), what it means for the experiment as a whole (my hypothesis was wrong, was right, half and half, etc...), and what it means outside the experiment (colored light uses more energy/ blue light is colder that red light/etc...). Basically, it's an IA, but more extensive, with more knowledge of what you are doing, with more data, and with a TON more analysis.
  3. Well now that you say it I forgot about teachers. My school sucks for people "outside" of the "normal" classes. (Physics, math, biology SL/ History, literature, english HL) because if you enroll in HL, you dont actually get different classes. The teachers still teach SL (because we were just like 15 people in IB, and the teachers teach like 10 other groups a day), and you have to teach yourself all the HL topics. Although some teachers do help you out during office hours, you dont actually get a class in HL. Damn I had forgotten how ****ty my IB program was, and i've only been out of it for a couple months.
  4. Interesting, for me (and my classmates) History HL seems like so much easier than Physics HL or Math HL. We all take History HL, and we seemed to do fine, but we all struggled even with Physics SL (and I LOVE physics).
  5. I can login just fine, i'm on google chrome BTW.
  6. I personally dont really have any overrated book series. I guess I'm just an easy person to please. I loved Divergent (including allegiant and the ending) I loved the hunger games (although the 3rd book was a bit boring for me, but I still read the 3 books in 1 day). I love game of thrones, Fahrenheit 451, the giver, Harry Potter, etc... I must admit I dont like Twilight and 50 shades and things like that, but I can see why people like them, I dont think theyre overrated.
  7. Yes, your IA's (depending on the subject and whether they are SL or HL) are worth about 20% of your final grade.
  8. I think you mean tutoring, tuition is what you actually pay for the classes, going without tuition is a great thing! Being without tutors is different. It's not necessarily a bad or good thing, not everyone needs a tutor, some people can do perfectly fine without one, some need a tutor to help them through school. Just wait and see, take it slow and see if you have a problem with any of your classes, if you think you need help for any of them, you might want to get a tutor, if not then you're probably fine.
  9. Depends on whether they're exclusive. If i could find true love later, i'd choose the card, if not then i'd choose true love. Would you rather be able to live for 500 years, or be able to stop time without aging?
  10. Kill Paris - Summer Daze Also, i find it cool that this topic is 8 years old, and we still use it
  11. School year, i already get sick like 5 times each term anyways. Would you rather your life have a soundtrack (like when you go to the gym "eye of the tiger" plays and stuff) or be narrated by Morgan Freeman (or David Attenborough)?
  12. I'm taking History of the americas, I know i need to study us civil war, but i have no idea what all the other topics are. Does anyone have a page i can check, where it says which topics i should be studying? (and if you have places to study from i'd be very grateful).
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