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  1. FrenchIB

    IB Math SL Paper 1

    way too hard... nothing like the past papers, so disappointed !
  2. FrenchIB

    History Paper 1 - Arab-Israeli Conflict

    It was amazing: god spoke to me hahaha im in TZ2, idk if it's the same paper, but I'm so happy
  3. FrenchIB

    Biology SL papers 1 & 2, 2016

    I chose the amylase one but idk if that s right... The other options didnt seem to make sense
  4. FrenchIB

    English A Literature Paper 1

    I did the prose by far haha
  5. FrenchIB

    Biology SL Paper 3

    Wait what? Could we have chosen another option? Like another we didnt study in class? Because my teacher had told me we couldn't since the IB had a sheet with which option we did... Anyway i did option A and it was impossible, i almost cried. For the last question on the nervous system, i wrote the weirdest stuff hahaha i wrote something about the brain, and like its hemispheres and parts and i also talked about the synapric connectiond and our knowledge... Im not too sure though. overall, the ib biology SL exam was so bad (paper 1 was probably the best, and it wasnt too good) The ib was so mean this year.. And is it me or did they put like nothing on the new syllabus? What's the point of changing the syllabus then ? Hahah
  6. FrenchIB

    Biology SL papers 1 & 2, 2016

    I wrote the exact same thing hahah
  7. FrenchIB

    Biology SL papers 1 & 2, 2016

    i did the second, the one with the plant cell, the gas exchange and evolution
  8. FrenchIB

    Biology SL papers 1 & 2, 2016

    Exactly !!! this is so frustrating... the amount of time I spent on learning how to draw the reproductive system or the cell membrane... all of that for what?
  9. FrenchIB

    Biology SL papers 1 & 2, 2016

    Exactly the same for me ! I knew all the hardest chapters (eg: molecular biology) by heart and they didnt even ask anything on those chapters... so I couldn't show off what i knew haha
  10. FrenchIB

    Biology SL papers 1 & 2, 2016

    Same here... I found it so hard !
  11. FrenchIB

    Fountain pens

    Ok great ! I'll bring my fountain pen and another pen just in case :) Thanks ! :D
  12. FrenchIB

    Fountain pens

    Hi, I am sitting my exams in about 8 days now and I wanted to know if fountain pens were allowed? It's the only pen I write with and I'm scared it's not allowed... I haven't seen any regulations prohibiting them so I don't think there is a problem... Would you know anything? Thanks! :)
  13. That sounds good ! Or maybe I can do "to what extent/or i what ways is reason AND emotion important is making ethical decisions?" because, i can't seem to use emotion on its own in discussing ethical decisons such as gun laws. Thank you so much !
  14. Hi, My tok oral is due in two weeks and I've been searching and searching for an Knowledge issue, depicted from a real life situation. Here are two ideas I found, could you tell me if they're 'tok-suited' please? 1) RLS: based on article from the Guardian, an Afghan woman stoned to death after being married out of her will and allegedly trying to elope with another man. WOK : reason and language KI: How is religion/history (i’m not too sure yet) a factor in determining the extent of women’s rights in the world? 2) RLS: gun laws in the USA, Obama is forcing the Congress to change the gun laws in the US in order to achieve national security, to have a lower risk of mass murders WOK: reason, emotion, sense perception, language KI: don’t have a specific one, but ethically/politically, should the President force a law in order to obtain a safer society even if the population opposes it? What do you think? Thank you !

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