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  1. You've got plenty of time. IB starts in year 11. So honestly, just relax and enjoy the two years before IB begins.
  2. Right, so you need SATs for Yale-NUS, and NUS if I remember right. Yale-NUS is going to be tight, not gonna lie. They need solid everythings, so I would apply but don't hinge your hopes. I'm not going to waste your time by going through every uni, but I think you should be OK for most of them academically. I would take the SATs because most of the unis listed need them. Also, I would try to boost some extracurriculars. Maybe start tutoring younger kids in your school? Or join a sport team or something. Heck, if you can, an apprenticeship/internship with a firm would look great (and give you heaps you talk about on your essay). TL;DR: Academically look good, save for the SATs. I would try to boost your extra-curricular activities if you can.
  3. Don't know if there is a fixed number, but I went for 14ish sources. But like IB_Taking_over said, quality>quantity. Also, I think 3 claims, with a counterclaim for each, is a good way to do it. So essentially 3 points, with a counterclaim which you prove to be false/dismiss
  4. Yes. Most unis look at the overall. They have a cutoff (at least UK/Australian) unis do, and often requirements in that cutoff. So for example, Uni X says "we need 32 points with a 566 at HL with Physics HL" (just an example). So then they will look at the overall grade and the specific requirements. It is possible, and I'd say likely, that if you meet the requirements they will look at the other grades too. So let's say a uni needs 27 points, and you meet that, then they will look at individual scores. Depends on the uni though. Hope that helps.
  5. I can't speak for all unis, but for all Australian (and I'm guessing a fair few US/UK ones), math studies will hinder you in Busines Management and Finance and Accounting. I would try to understand where you're going wrong and try to work on that. Perhaps look into getting a tutor. For politics and/or Int relations, you should be OK. I can't imagine they would be too picky on the math aspect. A close friend of mine tells me that Geography actually involves a fair amount of statistics. Therefore, I'm not sure if unis would let you join with math studies. Certainly there are universities that would accept Math studies for commerce based subjects, but they would be fewer. Hope this helps. Best of luck
  6. Hey there Firstly, this is a hard question to answer because what do you define as a "good uni"? In general (from a bit of googling and memory when I applied for uni, in 2016), most of the top 50/100 unis need a minimum of math SL. Frankly, if you want to study finance, you will need it. The simple reason is that often finance will involve courses in Economics, and that needs a decent level of math. It's very different from High School Econ. In your shoes, I would try to figure out why you're struggling with math SL. Do you not understand the content, or do you not test well, or is the IA or something else? After identifying that, you can make a battle strategy. A few general ideas for Content: a) Get a tutor/try to get a one on one with your teacher. Sometimes we work better individually. Plus your teacher/tutor can figure out if a certain teaching method doesn't work for you. b) Practice. Math (and really any subject) is like a muscle. The more you use it the better you get. Start off simple, like just doing basic problems to solidify the content; then move to trickier ones. Textbooks are generally written such that the first few questions are just using the formula etc. That will help you figure out what to do. The later questions will help you adapt your knowledge to new situations. c) Limericks. They are fun ways to remember formulas etc. There are similar strategies for testing etc (don't have time to list em). TL;DR: Figure out why you're struggling and work on it since heaps of unis need SL for finance majors.
  7. Hey. So if you "plateau" so to say with getting a 7 overall in HL, so one will complain. If you maintain your present grade levels, you'll be in good shape. If you're talking from a uni standpoint, I don't see any real benefit in tanking and getting a 6 now just to push it up next sem. Rather, maintain a 7 throughout. Just my two cents.
  8. I did Econ and History HL. Econ is easier to score IF you understand (a) The theory (b) What the IB wants. History would be easier if you are good at essays, critical reasoning AND understand what the IB wants. If you want to study law, I think both are good options. Law needs essay skills, so history is certainly a plus. Econ IMO may take a back seat. For business, Econ isn't often needed (depending on your university ofc), but I feel it will give you a certain intuition and understanding. Plus, (at least at my uni), a Business major often still needs some core Econ courses, so Econ HL MAY help a bit. The question on unis is interesting because it depends on so many factors including but not limited to (a) what you define as good (b) What course. I would google their websites for your major and go from there. Hope this helps.
  9. There ya go. Nicked the pics off google 😛
  10. Can we have a "scooby Doo goes ruh roh" and a Jerry Smacking Tom on the head please And no i'm not mucking around
  11. Normal Force is a perpendicular force (refer attached sketch). It is perpendicular to the surface, even if it's on a slope (again sketch). The Third law states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So in some cases, the normal force can be the force mentioned in the third law, but not always. In the example attached, the normal force is perpendicular to the surface (indicated by the solid arrow). The ball is rolling down a slope, and the force described by Newton's third law is Friction (indicated by the dotted arrow with the "Third Law" label) I hope this helps (and is right; not studied physics since I graduated 2 years ago)
  12. Ah boy. This is a tricky one. In terms of rankings? Yes. Melb U kicks Sydney's program (frankly kicks all aussie unis). However, does it work for you as an individual. I don't know. I would look into the course layout + subjects (and maybe some reviews) and make a call.
  13. Hey we cannot give you a topic. We can critique your present question etc though
  14. Love the Amon Track you've used; works bloody well with the lyrics Pro tip if you want to make your growls stronger, trying diaphragm breathing (I'm too lazy to link/explain so google). It turns a raspy growl into a corpsegrinder style growl
  15. Hey, So you need to write fast, obviously. Something I like doing is warming my hands up. Whether running hot water over them, sit on them or run them under a hand dryer. It prevents my hand from hurting. The other thing is practice. Your hand develops strength. Now that is done. Plan your essays in 5-10 minutes. Don't make it elaborate but like, say 3 key points, examples and historian view. Keep it simple and ensure it stays on point. Best of luck.

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