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  1. Love the Amon Track you've used; works bloody well with the lyrics Pro tip if you want to make your growls stronger, trying diaphragm breathing (I'm too lazy to link/explain so google). It turns a raspy growl into a corpsegrinder style growl
  2. Hey, So you need to write fast, obviously. Something I like doing is warming my hands up. Whether running hot water over them, sit on them or run them under a hand dryer. It prevents my hand from hurting. The other thing is practice. Your hand develops strength. Now that is done. Plan your essays in 5-10 minutes. Don't make it elaborate but like, say 3 key points, examples and historian view. Keep it simple and ensure it stays on point. Best of luck.
  3. Quick googling tells me Math studies isn't accepted for med school in australia. Honestly I would just take math SL, since you don't need too high grades. I would also look into the debate between medicine as a 6 year bachelor degree or 4 year undergrad THEN go to med school. The second route may potentially be easier for IB, but then you'll need to meet the pre-requisite subjects during your bachelor to get into med school Best of luck
  4. King112


    Europe is pretty damn big. I think you want to hit google, and do some research mate. Maybe narrow it down a bit
  5. Simple answer. You can't. Your best bet is: do well in the IB, both for your predicted grades and actuals, nail the essay, the interview, and any tests they have. That will give you a good chance. There's no single formula to get into these universities. Also, if you don't get the required grades, you're not getting in. Simple as that. Best of luck.
  6. Hi there, So to the best of my knowledge medicine in Australia is a post graduate degree. Some rudimentary googling told me that you need to do a degree like Bachelor of Medical Science or something. There are a ton of options really. So what I would do is get an idea of what unis you want. Then go to their websites and take a look. Process-wise, when I applied (not for Med), it was just send a basic online app, if you meet the requirements you get a conditional offer, meet that get in. Pretty similar to the UK, and pretty simple to do really. Hope this helps. Best of luck!
  7. Hey there, Well, I totally get how you are feeling mate. Nothing sucks more than working like crazy and then it goes to waste. Thing is, you definitely worked right. So I would say it sounds like you had a bad day at the exams. First thing I would do is re-examine what happened at the exam. Did you panic, or something similar. If you can identify that, you can take a step towards improving. It's possible you need to practice breathing exercises or something to calm down. Also, I would highly recommend going over the exam and seeing where you went wrong. Maybe do some extra practice or talk to your teacher about it. It's possible you don't understand some concepts, even tho you think you do. Finally, let it go. It's hard, but you're only human. Mistakes happen; learn, and dust yourself and carry on. Think of it this way, yes you bombed your mocks. But at least it wasn't the real IB exam and you have some time to prep. Hope this helped. Cheers King
  8. Well, honestly, I would just repeat the standard Tariff removal diagram (i.e, the inelastic supply moves down). I don't see any major difference tbh haha
  9. Hey, So this is a rather interesting question. I see two ways to answer it. (A) You make the assumption that S countryB is perfectly inelastic, as there are a lot of competitors for export. Personally, I like this way of answering it. Just shift the tariff line out altogether. (B) You draw a regular Supply curve and shift it out. This would, however, be a bit trickier to draw. Hope this makes sense (and that I understood your question)
  10. Honestly, when i did my IAs, 2 graphs was the minimum. Generally we had 3. So I think you'll be fine mate.
  11. Hey there, I think you should switch Spanish out. Given you want to study computer science, doing Comp. Sci HL or another science, like Chem HL may not be a bad idea. I think you should be Ok for Finance with this combo, but since certain unis want to see your analytic side (At least mine did, in Australia and it's pretty similar to the UK), 3 languages won't help, and you'll be better off with switching Spanish out. Another option for you would be to check out a few UK unis and see what their requirements for Comp. Sci and Finance are. Then possibly adjust. For example, Warwick University needs 38points with a 5 in HL math but doesn't mention if stuff like your other subjects matter. So in a roundabout way, I'm saying just take a look at a few unis and get an idea of what they want. Cheers King112
  12. Hey, So to the best of my knowledge, Econ is needed for Business courses. So Econ HL is a must (9/10 times if I remember right). Also, Math Studies won't cut it mate. If you want to do a business course, math SL is the minimum. if I were you, I'd take Econ HL, and math SL. Best of Luck
  13. Hey So ADHD bloke right here. Really, the best thing you could do to help with this person is to try and stimulate them. Talk to them and see what works. Everyone is different. They may enjoy pacing during the "lecture" bit of the tuition or they may work in short bursts. So really talk to them and see how it goes. Fidget Cubes/Spinners work for some but I'm not a fan. Also, working out may help them calm down, but thats on them not you. Hope this helped
  14. Hey there So first up, in Australia, you first complete a Bachelor of Medical Science then a Masters of medicine and potentially Masters of Surgery. Find the details (for uni melbourne at least) here. http://mdhs-study.unimelb.edu.au/degrees Next, LinkedIn is largely a professional website; so it'll be more useful once you start uni. You can create a profile no doubt, but it really won't help. Much like the UK, Australia focuses on grades and just some quick Googling (and my own apps) showed there aren't weren/t essays etc. So i doubt the admissions committee would look at your LinkedIn. Hope this helps and Best of Luck with your app!
  15. Hey there, A good idea would be to check unis. They should have the requirements for a pilot program out. Alternatively, fi you wan to fly military jets, you could talk to a recruiter. Hope this helps, and best of luck!