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  1. Tintinnabulation

    The Change One Letter Game

  2. Tintinnabulation

    Mind boggling riddle!

  3. Hey there! That's an interesting thought, actually.. The only problem I can see with it, is that someone actually has to write all these documents, which requires time and a certain level of dedication. Also, if these documents are subject-specific, then they might need to be renewed every now and then due to new curriculae. Otherwise, most sections in this forum contain some very useful threads that helped me out a lot back in the day. Improving, and perhaps shortening some of these (or alternatively provide with a short summary) could be another idea. I know the subject guides are available for everyone in our file library, though, so there shouldn't be a huge problem with it, technically speaking. Hey there! I can definitely see where you are coming from, but personally, I don't really think this is a real issue. Even if they use your ideas, they wouldn't write the same task as you nor would they get it evaluated by the IB before you. If anything, they would hand it in later than you. The only problem is if you actually post parts of your essays online, as IBO's systems would then record it as plagiarism your essay is evaluated. Perhaps a curated list of threads by subject, in a document or pinned thread, with a system by which outdated information would be flagged by users and updated by the same, after approval? Pruning could keep everything brief, to the point, and helpful, but the one setting it up wouldn't have to grow everything from scratch, so to speak.
  4. Tintinnabulation

    What song are you listening to?

    Eclipse, from The Dark Side of The Moon Pink Floyd You gotta love the classics
  5. Tintinnabulation

    The Change One Letter Game

  6. Tintinnabulation

    TOK Presentation

    Sounds good, you should probably explore a specific area, like analyzing modern American culture, violence, and a specific genre or series of games.
  7. Tintinnabulation

    What type of knowledge is love?

    Hmmm, that's tough. I'd argue that love is an intrinsically individual experience, and thus is personal, but it depends on the point from which you observe. From a social, biological, whatever perspective affects the way it's defined.
  8. Tintinnabulation

    Faking data

    It's the last resort of a desperate man, and as you submit the paper, you should feel a slight sucking sensation and hear the muffled screams of ten thousand dishonest researchers as Science Satan consumes your soul. But whatever, go ahead, I'm not gonna stop you.
  9. Tintinnabulation

    English EE on Steampunk

    The way I've heard steampunk defined is "sci-fi, if sci-fi was written in the victorian era". This is true for other genres such as cyberpunk, gearpunk, etc. You could take a broader look at the influence of technology - past and present - on popular culture, and tie in ideas about Kuhn's paradigm shifts, perhaps?
  10. Tintinnabulation

    TOK Ethics related KQ (presentation)

    To what extent should judgements in ethics consider the individual vs collective benefit as defined through mathematical (read: statistical) extrapolation? (Use a healthy man's organs to save seven dying people) This doesn't necessarily have to be ethics-focused, though. For example: To what extent should indigenous knowledge systems be considered when adjusting shared knowledge influencing ethical judgement? (To what extent should traditions such as burning wood on bonfires be taken into account when selling pressure-treated wood that's unsafe to burn?)
  11. Tintinnabulation

    How can I make a boring subject interesting?

    Well, you could start playing the stock markets, so suddenly everything you learn in class has a real application. This may be a bad idea, but it is the first thing that came to mind when thinking, "How to make gaining an understanding of the economy useful?".
  12. Tintinnabulation

    Quick survey for my Math IA

    If this is basically gonna be a correlational psychology study, you should probably be able to use basic ethical guidelines such as anonymity of data...
  13. Tintinnabulation

    is it possible to get enough hours of sleep in IB?

    It's possible, certainly. So is achieving human biological immortality.
  14. Tintinnabulation

    Desperately need help with exploration on calculus + questions

    Uh, hate to break it to you, but you can calculate all that using quadratics. Had a math project last year where we did just that. Everything's basically a parabola.
  15. Tintinnabulation

    Math IA: Please Take Survey!

    Think you could specify that you need to have taken the SATs to take the survey somewhere in the title or topic?

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