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  1. There's something completely wrong with the teacher. I hate to say this, but complain to the coordinator. You have had the talk with the teacher, and obviously it is not your fault and you have tried everything you could possibly do! Before that ,you could try to ask him to go through a 7-level paper 1/2 response in class and make him underline important factors and what makes it a 7.
  2. Hey! So, I am doing some stoichiometry, but I realized that he was using L, whereas in IB, we use dm^3. In the video linked, he converts the amount using a conversion factor, Would this step change, since we are using dm^3, or do I basically just do what he is doing (except for using L)? - It is around (5:00 he does the conversion)
  3. Hey: Here are the past topics 2010: Anglo/American Guarantee 2011: Geneva Disarmament Conference/London Naval Conference 2012: League of Nations/Collective Security 2013: Ruhr Crisis/Manchuria 2014: Wilson and the Fourteen points 2015: Locarno Treaty Do you think a topic can appear twice or?
  4. LOL, never. I have never understood this whole student-teacher-sudden-falling-in-love concept. But that is also because I would never date someone much older than me. I just see them as lecturers, guiders or parents. Nothing more I think it is extremely WEIRD for me, I could never personally. But I guess it is normal. Some girls would go crazy for a teacher, like CRAZY, and I would just be HELL NAAAWWW.
  5. Hellooooooo! I am currently revising for paper 1 and soon paper 2 in English A HL Lang and Lit! Do you have some tips for paper 1/paper 2 that you want to share with us who want a perfect 7 score in our exams? Let us all benefit from this thread! xoxo.
  6. Hey! I want to buy the new book (the green one, I already have the old, blue version) hoping that I would understand math somehow better. To me, it seems good in terms of explanation and exam-like-practice problems. But do you guys recommend it or any previous experiences with it? Does it fit with the May Exams 2016?
  7. Hey! I was wondering what people were tested in: we were tested in the specimen papers! (for chemistry HL mocks 2016 prep for may exams 2016)
  8. Hey, Okay since I can't directly ask for the paper, does anyone know the topic that was covered in this paper 1? :- ) - Was it a treaty? Thanks!
  9. Hey, does anyone have history SL 2014 nov and may editions for Paper 1 and Paper 2?
  10. Hello! So I have my exams in May 2016. We were just recently informed that the new syllabus is going to have question in paper 3 ( that have nothing to do with the option chosen) based on the lab experiments we did. I am scared of this, and I would like to know if there is a past paper on this (recently new) so I have an understanding of how they look like.
  11. No, I think it is a juxtaposition, but I am not sure..
  12. See I was thinking that it definitely wasn't a paradox, because it seems to be true for both statements in the sentence. Hm....
  13. Heeyyy y'all! I came across this sentence: He was there for you, yet at the same time he was inaccessibleand was wondering what stylistic device that was! Now it is not an oxymoron, as far as I know? or is it? Is it a juxtaposition? or something else I can't think of?
  14. Well, at my school you have to have 24 points in order to continue IB2. So for me, I know that I have failed Chem HL, that won't matter if I get 24 points. (if you do well in the others).
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