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  1. danip

    help with exponential equation....

    thanks! doh.
  2. help! Brain fart moment, I cannot get this, even with knowing the correct answer. Solve for x: 2^x=1/16 The answer is x=-4, but I cannot get there. I think I've been looking at it too long....
  3. danip

    help with composite function

    thank you so much. I wasn't foiling. what an idiot
  4. danip

    help with composite function

    I'm having a total brain freeze. Can anyone give me the answer (including steps) for the following? f(x)=x^-1, g(x)=3-x (fog)(x+1) I know the answer is 3-4x+x^, but I cannot work out how to get there. TIA.

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