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  1. Actually you don't need to "study" for the first 3 questions, but in the 4th question you need to complete que Sources with all you have studied. (Im talking of Paper 1). Last week I had my test and all that I had studied wasn't very useful for Paper 1, just for the 4th question. A friend and i have a strategy known as "dump part (d)" - that is, to maximise scores in the first 3 parts (a), (b) and © since IB and our teachers dont ever seem to give a score above 4/8 (at best 5/8). Not sure if anyone else finds this a sensible strategy? Just my two cents worth.
  2. root 2 is right. i got 2 too though - extremely careless algebraic manipulation and for some reason i think you committed the same algebraic SIN too! :/
  3. As Mathemagician said, length doesn't really matter - people who obtain the same score (12/20) could write from 3 sides to 7 sides. Think marks are awarded based on an essay's clarity, proper use of evidence and critical commentary / historiography! Out of curiosity, do your teachers focus on historiography / historiographical debates alot?
  4. Sufficient time has elapsed for discussion of Paper 1 and 2 of History. How did you guys find it? Do mention your Route and Topics studied too! For anyone curious, mine were : Paper 1 (Data Response paper) - Communism in Crisis -> Was totally thrown off-guard by the topic that came out IB finally tested China instead of USSR and i think they will continue to do so >< Paper 2 - Topic 3 SPS and Topic 5 The Cold War -> fairly doable paper i felt How did you guys feel about the paper?
  5. the actual deadline for IB submission is actually sometime in Feb / Mar. You should speak to your supervisor and explain your situation - hopefully things will be okay, but don't ever pull of such a stunt again! Also, please don't offer to send anyone your essays - i never did for mine - especially on the internet it's just too risky!
  6. 'twas a tough one i felt - totally had no idea how to tackle this as it hadn't appeared in the past year papers ... Anyhow, I mentioned how the negative area under the curve = negative displacement and since the particle travels on a straight line, it means that the particle definitely moved past its origin. :/
  7. Out of curiosity, just to see the range of possible text choices, could you post your prescribed text choices for Paper 2 / Lit in Translation / IOC / IOP (as many as you can remember) and perhaps give a commentary on how feasible these are in your opinion? Thanks a lot!
  8. Yup bell curve question. Did you get something like 0.5 / 0.89.. / s.d. = 44? (We are allowed to discuss answers here right?) Unfortunately the bell curve didn't click for me in the exam, so only got part a and b I think of the entire question - I remember first bit was half of 78.87% but the fact standard deviation wasn't given screwed me up (though I realise now what it should've been). I see! You probably received partial marks for working / method though
  9. Yup bell curve question. Did you get something like 0.5 / 0.89.. / s.d. = 44? (We are allowed to discuss answers here right?)
  10. It would have to be topic 5 - Statistics and Probability i think APGP - 2 Logarithms - 2 Calculus - >4 Stats and Probability - >4 Binomial - 1 Circular Measure - 1 Trigo - 1 Transformation of graphs - 1 Cant remember the others Felt the papers were more challenging than M14 and N13 for sure. Fingers crossed for a 7 though
  11. Felt like I didn't nail down the key points for the prose extract and probably should have done "The Hug" instead. As some contributors have mentioned, the piece was honestly rather boring. Discussed irony, the sardonic voice of the narrator among some other points... Hope marking isnt too strict this time For P2, I feel like the questions are becoming increasingly difficult, perhaps especially for my text selection. Attempted Q1 on "opposing motivations" in the end ... Hope the paper went well for you guys
  12. Thought the papers were generally manageable! Essay Paper (Paper 1): Attempted Q1 and Q3 - both questions went almost smoothly as I had amply prepared for them. Ran out of time for Q3 to write a proper conclusion though :/ Also thought Q4 was slightly difficult to attempt. Data Response Paper (Paper 2): Attempted Q1 and 4. Felt the paper was generally rather manageable!!! For kids out there doing the papers after Nov 14, remember: know your Micro and Macro stuff for Paper 2 as well! Math Paper (Paper 3): Attempted Q1 and Q2. Thought both went well too, aiming for close to 50/50 to pull up any losses I may have made in paper 2! IA: I know my script was sent to IBO for moderation Hope they weren't downgraded All the best for the remainder of the papers, people!
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