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  1. Method #2 is correct. The kinetic energy of the air is transferred to the vanes of the windmill. You have the velocity, mass and time specified, hence you can find the Kinetic energy and then the power. Method #1 can't be correct because the air isn't "falling" onto the vanes of the windmill. The force of gravity acting on the air (the force you used to get your answer) isn't acting on the windmill.
  2. Of course we can. We have free will, right? “What people have the capacity to choose, they have the ability to change.†― Madeleine Albright
  3. Raptor123a

    Do I need to lengthen my EE?

    No, you don't. As long as the extended essay is complete (or at least feels complete), don't make it any longer. You might actually (likely) end up weakening your essay if you start adding extra words and phrases here and there to pump up the word count. Since your EE is due soon, really don't bother about lengthening it. Remember that 4,000 is the maximum, not the goal... having a shorter EE by no means reduces your chances of getting a good score. Quality above quantity!
  4. Raptor123a

    Tok essay

    Hello, This is a link to a TOK blog that you might find useful: https://toktrump.wordpress.com/2014/09/12/ways-of-knowing-are-a-check-on-our-instinctive-judgments-2/ There are some great ideas on the blog that can help you unpack your title and get an idea as to what you could write about in your essay.
  5. Raptor123a

    Group 4 IA sciences deadline

    Hello, I don't think that there is a deadline "set in stone" for the group for project. Since it is part of your science IA, though, your grade from it should be submitted together with those from the lab reports, which are usually due in March of the senior year. I really doubt that any school would protract the submission of IAs until April.
  6. Raptor123a

    French Written Assignment- cover page?

    Is this a French B written assignment? If so, don't put your candidate number or name anywhere. The written assignment is supposed to by anonymous when given to the examiners. As to the cover page, I really don't think its necessary to include one... your written assignment is probably no more than a few pages, so its really unnecessary. When you do submit the written assignment to IB around February - March of your senior year, you will get a cover sheet from IB anyways... I would include the word count after the two sections (préambule and tâche). This makes the entire IA elegant and compact (and makes a cover sheet virtually pointless).
  7. Raptor123a

    When should I have an EE topic?

    The sooner the better. It's best to get done with the extended essay as soon as possible (having a draft by the end of the first year is a good idea) so having a topic picked by November, or December at the latest helps. BTW: EEs in English are usually easier to handle than EEs in physics... so if you have doubts, I'd advise you to go with English.
  8. Raptor123a

    Question about wavelength and colour.

    No. Photons of a specific amount of energy will always have the same wavelength (and hence the same color perceived by the observer because each wavelength is ascribed to a fixed color in the visible region of the electromagnetic spectrum). Intensity has no effect on the energy of the photons (remember the photoelectric effect?), so you don't need to consider that.
  9. Raptor123a

    Can I improve?

    Don't loose heart... that's the worst thing you can do. As long as you work hard and do your best, I'm sure everything will come out all right in the end. Maybe this is just a temporary crisis? Maybe, but you sure won't overcome it if you convince yourself that your situation is hopeless.
  10. Raptor123a

    Math IA - how does the IA work?

    Yes, that's exactly how the IA works. Its pretty much just an investigation that you carry out using math. You start with a question (or title) and you attempt to answer (discuss) it in your paper and possibly reach some conclusions. Looking at the changes in temperature with the objective of characterizing them using certain functions seems fine to me? Did you look at past explorations? You might find them very useful. Link: http://xmltwo.ibo.org/publications/DP/Group5/d_5_matsl_tsm_1205_1/html/content/exist/rest/app/[email protected]=d_5_matsl_tsm_1205_1_e∂=2&chapter=2.html
  11. Raptor123a

    CAS ideas?

    Action: join your school football / basketball / other sport team -> this is the best and usually least painful way to get those action hours. Creativity: art club, photography club, maybe write for the school newspaper or build a website.... it all depends on your interests.
  12. Raptor123a

    Is the grading criteria higher for HL subjects?

    You are right. If you look at the grade boundaries from last year, you can see differences in grading between higher and standard level: http://www.dpcdsb.org/NR/rdonlyres/257D5ECC-B156-4400-B0C7-D765BB3D4855/140115/201405_Grade_Boundaries.pdf
  13. Raptor123a

    Should I get a laptop for the IBDP?

    Get a laptop... preferably an indestructible one. You'll be eating, sleeping, traveling with it I got a new laptop during the vacations before IB, and its current state is deplorable. I just hope it will endure until the end of IB or else I'll have to buy a new one.. and I can already predict its fate
  14. Raptor123a

    whats the best way to study in math sl?

    Past papers are your best friends... They are useful not only because of the questions, but also because they give you an idea of the amount of time you have to solve a problem. Practicing is not enough... you need to practice under time pressure.
  15. Raptor123a

    TOK Knowledge issue/question advice or help?

    They seem all right. If I were you, though, I'd avoid using 'should humans' in a knowledge question - it doesn't sound professional. For instance, you could change the last knowledge question to: To what extent would mankind benefit from using AI to expand the boundaries that limit its knowledge?

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