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  1. Emilia1320

    Eulers Identity for IA

    Because I have a tendency to stress horribly about tests, leading me to underperform. I lose my sleep (bad for my ability to do math) and panic on tests.
  2. Emilia1320

    Eulers Identity for IA

    Proving Euler's identity was 1 page of my 16-page IA, alone it will be way too simple to write an IA about.
  3. Emilia1320

    Does God exist?

    Evidence? Other than you defining it into existance or subjective experiences? Tangible, explicit, objectively observable evidence please. Until then the objective worth of your claim is zero.
  4. Yes, they are generally very easy. IA's are the only hard part, but IA's are around for other subjects too.
  5. Emilia1320

    Engineering Without Math HL

    It depends on the university. Its more likely than not that they won't make an exception for you, but you should ask them. Maybe do self-taught math HL? That's what I'm doing, and it has worked out very well for me.
  6. Emilia1320

    Homosexuality and Religion?

    Religion is certainly used as a reason/excuse of discrimination, and it must always be remembered discrimination is not justified by these reasons. However, holy writings of these religions (Bible/Quran) have passages that condemn homosexuality as sinful. I am NOT saying this justifies discrimination. I simply believe that asking the question *Are Abrahamic religions (Christianity, Islam, Judaism) inherently in conflict with values about equality and tolerate of modern civilization* is very relevant, and I believe the answer is yes. They are in conflict if you follow their holy writings. I know many people are moderate, but there are many who are not. I think it is time people are not silent about evil of religion in fear of offending someone. Religion must be subject to criticism just like everything else. Criticism doesn't mean religious people aren't tolerated, unfortunately many religious take the criticism to their religion or certain followers of it as personal attack, which it is not.
  7. Personally I think individual females have it a bit better in Finland, because males are forced to go to army for half year, females are not. In average lenghts of career this more then evens out by longer parenthood leaves of females, but as a woman who doesn't intend to reproduce I consider myself even so slightly priviledged in this.
  8. Emilia1320

    what's the point of literature?

    My first argument is actually that not everyone is interested in cultures, just like not everyone is interested in math or physics or whatever thing X. I know I could have worded it better thou, I realize now that it can easily be misunderstood. My argument is that if everyone had better freedom to choose it would be more effective. I would not have to study Literature, I could study so much more useful Further math. If those who are into humanities wouldn't need to study that mandatory biology they could pick something more useful for them. I do understand you think broader education is better, which is totally fine. Its good that there are variable viewpoints. I would however like to add that people have some education, often quite broad before they come to high school. High school could be more specialized to increase people's motivation and let them gain optimal skills for their future. My argument wasn't that culture is pointless. Sorry for wording it badly. My argument was that excessive knowledge about culture isn't necessity for being a member of said culture. I would argue enough to be a member of society is learned by being member of society. About your counterargument to my second argument, alright, I understand that some people find messages trough stories like "Brave new world" more convincing than if it was just written on easy form. However, isn't there really a risk of misunderstanding? If author really meant to say "science isn't always good" he failed to carry over the message such a way that I would understand it. Perhaps I'm stupid, but on one sentence I would have understood. I have also read "Brave new world" and what I read was that "If you fail to adapt you'll be removed". *BNW SPOILER* John Savage failed to adapt, and he died in the end. He was unhappy because the leap was too sudden. The people of the The World State didn't mind it because they were adapted. *BNW SPOILER OVER*. We both interpretated same book totally differently! How is that effective communication? Thirdly, my parents chose IB ;D and I love it except for Literature.
  9. Emilia1320

    what's the point of literature?

    I guess we need to agree to disagree then I understand how literaure and art are not only there for entertainment but also play role in politics, culture, etc. and how art is a form of self-expression to some people. However, politics and culture are two things that couldn't interest me less. I know there is a huge world out there, and people have wide varietes of cultures. However, their cultures don't really interest me. I'm libertarian; in my opinion everyone should have right to practice their culture as long as it doesn't harm others. Why however I need to learn about those cultures, my own or foreign is beyond me. I know art can carry messages, but wouldn't it be much easier to just write the message what person wants to say? To a fact-text. It would save everyone from so much work. Lastly, I understand many people hugely enjoy art and Literature. That is fine. I don't think math or science should be mandatory either; those who don't like them should have choice, and so should likes of me. If not for Literature there would be space in my Diploma for Further math, which would be considerably more useful than Literature, in my case that is.
  10. Emilia1320

    what's the point of literature?

    I whole-heartedly agree. Literature is so useless for someone who doesn't like it. And why two languages?
  11. The answer is in sentence "to prove if P(k) is true also P(k+1) is true" How, now that depends on question. Generally you'll want to plug in your form for P(k) and add the single term for which (k+1) and show their sum is equal to P(k+1). That is for sum proofs at least, for other types you'll need to figure out something else.
  12. Emilia1320

    How many people did their EE in mathematics?

    I did on mathematics as well. I was first of my school.
  13. I can see you are studying induction. So, idea here is to show that *if P(n) holds for P(k) it also holds for P(k+1)*. And idea of first step is to prove it to first natural positive integer. When it's proven for 1 according to if P(k) is true also P(k+1) also for 2 it is true. And when 2 is proven according to same thing 3 is true and this continues to infinity.
  14. Emilia1320

    Does God exist?

    That propably wasnt the point of his message. The point was that god is human imagination to explain unlikely events. It doesn't matter how things actually are if people tell tales about 300 who beat Persians, and explain it with god.
  15. Emilia1320

    Does God exist?

    I already mentioned Adam and Eve, in which you agreed many muslims believe in, which is contradicted by science but you avoided answering that. Also, points made on these links are plentiful more. https://wikiislam.net/wiki/Scientific_Errors_in_the_Quran https://www.faithfreedom.org/Articles/SKM/contradictions.htm Prove all these wrong. Good luck on your efforts.

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