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  1. letmeaskmymum

    Politics EE on Communism/Marxism

    We have a history teacher here who is apparently an expert in politics. The only thing with changing it to a history EE is that I won't be able to do the sort of analysis I want to do (Something to do with the relevance of marxism today). Maybe if I look at its relevance to a particular section of politics like policy creation or international relations or something .. ..
  2. letmeaskmymum

    Politics EE on Communism/Marxism

    Hi, I am thinking of doing my EE on something around the topic of communism. Preferably, I would be analysing ideology under the EE Politics subject guide, but I don't take Politics as a subject (I do take history though). For my topic, I was thinking something like 'Is communism a relevant ideology in the 21st century' or something along those lines... I'm thinking it might be a bit too general. Additionally, the Politics subject guide it doesn't say much about EE's dealing with theoretical issues rather than around the issues surrounding an event. I'm just looking for a bit of guidance in relation to my topic (Is it too broad? If so, what are some suggestions to narrow it), The subject choice (Is it a really bad idea to do politics in the first place?), and just a bit more information on what would be the included in the content (Would it largely be scholar debate driven?) Thanks!

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