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  1. Biology HL, Chemistry HL, Economics SL/HL
  2. DocWonder

    Not following the crowd.

    Hey guys, As of late I've been doing quite well in my studies, however I still feel like there are certain distractions preventing me from fully applying myself in the work that I've been doing in school. This problem being my fellow classmates. I do not want to say too much, but they are distracting and I feel the need to distance myself from them, just to get some leverage on my course work. Some of them complain that "I need to take it less seriously", but I don't feel like doing so. Basically I'm asking whether or not I should "distance' myself from these people? Just need a second opinion. Thank you.
  3. DocWonder

    Common scientific myths...

    Write down scientific myths that you think are worth sharing. Enjoy
  4. DocWonder

    Religion vs. Science

    Could someone fill me in, is it the innate conflict with Religious organization or the spirituality of "said religion" that causes problems? I just wanna understand why someone would state that there's an "invasion" of religion in our everyday lives?
  5. DocWonder

    Urgent: Help with survey

    Deadpool 17 Male Healing factor! duh.
  6. The title is self-explanatory. Please write down any experiences that may have occurred where your friends/classmates/IB-ers helped you out. This topic serves as motivation for those who need it. <---- (nerds) Bon voyage et bonne chance!
  7. DocWonder

    Hardest IB subjects?

  8. Greetings everybody, If you can read the title than I felicitate you on your achievements for comprehending the topic of discussion. It's been on my mind for some time now. Napoleon Bonaparte, a man recognized for his valor, military intelligence and his Empire. Hitler is...(you should know who he is, you're IB!! ). Now I have a very limited knowledge on what Napoleon did, however I recognize that he is a man who took over a fairly large portion of Europe, and is presently known as one of the best tacticians the world has conceived (next to Genghis :3 ). I already know about Adolf Hitler's achievements in warfare, however will we reach a point in time where we recognize Hitler for his military intelligence just like Napoleon Bonaparte? Despite the controversy I would like to know what you guys think about this. Please write down your opinions... Thank you.
  9. DocWonder

    Taking Physics HL with no prior knowledge of physics

    Listen to the one below me.
  10. DocWonder


    Simple When it comes to learning languages it's all about the immersion factor. You need to be able to immerse yourself in this language, so for example watching Spanish related things, constant application in the Spanish language and so on. If you don't understand this, feel free to reply. For Biology, it leads down to memorization and understanding. It's all about trial and error, find the best ways to study for yourself. Personally, I'm a auditory and visual leaner, so what I tend to do is write down definitions and different things related to the subject, while repeating it to myself to force the memory into my head. Find out what kind or leaner you are. Again, if you don't understand this, feel free to reply.
  11. DocWonder

    Please Help! EE due in a few hours!

    Macbeth and Lord of the Flies, seem to be the most promising, because I feel like Siddharta would lead more to a "Freeing of ones self from the ambitions of the world" if you get me?
  12. DocWonder

    Can I do it?

    1. It may be the case that you haven't understood the reasons underlying the concepts that you learn in class. Maybe you're just trying to use the formulas in your data booklet without fully understanding them. This is a very serious mistake made by many people. In fact, one of my friends once boldly claimed that mathematics is all about plugging in numbers into formulas that are provided. Of course, he's wrong. My advice to you is to read all the derivations there are in your textbook, because they'll improve your understand a lot and help you establish confidence in the subject. For example, don't try to just remember the formulas for transformations of graphs. Try to understand why it is so. 2. It may be the case that you haven't made your understanding 'general' enough. Lots of SL students that I knew usually approached a new maths concept by looking at a specific example. I would advise you to avoid this. When learning a new concept, try to understand the general case first, such that you can build up your own general method of solving this specific type of problem. For instance, try to establish a general solving method for integration by substitution, and then look at a specific example. To be more specific, this is what I wrote for the method of substitution in my study guide: Untitled.png 3. You may have used too much help from the calculator. Avoid this as much as possible! because paper 1 is without calculator. Some of my friends use calculators all the time, even to calculate some easy trigonometric functions; and then screwed up in the end because they couldn't remember the trig values of some common angles. So train yourself to be independent from calculators! 4. Maybe you haven't tried hard maths problems yet, or maybe you give up too early when you try to solve difficult questions. I would advise you to look at hard problems in your book, and maybe even IB problems, because they are the real 'monsters' For these hard problems, spend fairly a lot of time on them before looking at the solutions, because doing this will train your thinking abilities. Furthermore, difficult problems are what that make maths interesting For all hard problems that you've encountered, mark them down in your book, and redo them every once in a while (e.g. once every 2 months). This will maximize your memory of the solving method and will probably get you through the exams. If those cases above don't apply to you, please leave a reply where you specify exactly what your problem is; and we'll try to help you as best as we can. Cheers I believe the problem lies with #1 and #2. The only problem is , I don't know how to apply these correctly to my work habits.
  13. DocWonder

    Math SL help

    The real question is, have you narrowed your subject down? I see the title as a good starting point for an IA, all you need now is to pinpoint the specific subject matter. Do you get it?
  14. DocWonder

    Can I do it?

    I've been talking with someone about universities and such, and we discussed the fact that I need a 5/6 to get into the faculty of science. Currently in my math class, I'm "struggling". Hint the " " because I can do fine on assignments such as homework, but when it comes to tests I do poorly (in my eyes). I believe that the real problem lies in my studying habits. I've been trying to push myself to review class work, do practice questions and so one, but I never seem to be able to do so. If you guys (with experience or good grades) have any advices or tips for me it would be great help. Thank you.
  15. DocWonder

    How many languages do you speak?

    French and English. Fluently. It's a great asset to have.

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