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  1. Thanks everyone! I did it and got 29 yay!
  2. Im pretty interested in these two topics but I'm not sure which one. Israelis & Palestinians seems really interesting and I've never learnt about it But Espionage in the Cold War is also super interesting HELP
  3. Actually I'm focusing on the rewriting of History in the book! That wasn't my rational btw haha Im looking at three aspects of the book that has to do with the rewriting of history, which is winston job, the memory hole and how history can be changed and Big brother and Goldstein ( how they are pretty much made up)
  4. Im doing my IOP on 1984, the rewriting of history, more specifically focusing on Winstons Job, Down the memory hole and Big Brothers image. Like what inspired them and how they are portrayed through the novel. Here is a section of my IOP, the beginning. I was just wondering am i on the right track? Like is this kinda what we are suppose to do? Analyse the text in an oral form while making it interesting right? Btw im pretending to be Orwell and putting on an english accent to meet criteria B In my younger years, I fought in the Spanish Civil War. There, I was introduced to English Socialism and had subsequently turned left-wing. Even though those bloody anarchists, syndicalists and communists had won the war, I was too fast and they did not succeed in killing me. Ever since then, I have waged war in a literary form against the evils of a totalitarian regime. This has been a core theme of almost all my books, most evidently in 1984, where I used Winston as the protagonist to portray the common man, neither hero nor villain. Especially, an attempt through the experiences of Winston to warn people of the dangers and consequences that will be bestowed upon them in an autocratic government. As a BBC news reporter during World War II, I was all too familiar with with how BBC put out false hate propaganda and censured many event from the public eye such as German saturation bombing, anything they might hinder the patriotism of the people. I heavily portrayed my role in BBC towards Winston's job in the Ministry of Truth, which is to continuous rewrite and falsify past documents. Its evident in my book that this worries him as he attempts to investigate some form of truth to evidence his strong doubts about the party’s authenticity. For instance the absurd piece of ‘history’ Winston encounters through his job, about capitalists. How they could freely have sexual relations with their factory workers, in the book called Droit du seigneur. By making these ridiculous statements which you guys, the readers will know is complete false, I’m introducing the ridiculousness of the party thus causing the bewilderment of the reader as to how the people of Oceania can believe such lies and also how people like Winston can rewrite these documents whilst still maintaining complete devotion to the party. In turn, supporting my main theme of the dangers of totalitarians and that they can make you believe anything. In fact to reenforce my point the I used an oxymoron for the department in which the protagonist works in, the Ministry of Truth. Yet it is anything but truth, thus drawing the readers attention to the absurdity of the Oceanian Society.
  5. TahirihNa

    Asking a girl to prom

    Embrace your shyness I don't mean you shouldn't be confident but also stay true to who you are If you come on too strong she might mistake you for who you're not and reject you because she likes shy guys
  6. TahirihNa

    How to study for History

    Type up Comprehensive notes, then take concise written notes, then find someone who doesn't do history and explain it to them until they understand what happened
  7. TahirihNa

    Germany Book PDF

    Germany Book PDF
  8. TahirihNa

    QuestionBank Swaps

    I Have All versions of Math, Chem, Bio and Physics Looking for History, English A, Chinese B and Geo
  9. TahirihNa

    How many languages do you speak?

  10. TahirihNa

    Causes of WW2

    Causes of WW2
  11. TahirihNa

    Weimar Republic

    Weimar Republic
  12. TahirihNa

    Germany 1918-1939

    Germany 1918-1939

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