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  1. Past paper questions. It's not possible to explain how incredibly helpful they are! Especially if you can get a teacher to mark your answers and give detailed feedback on how to improve I also find it's really helpful to find other students who are interested in the subject and talk to them about the content. A lot of the time, it turns out that a friend of mine will have remembered details that had slipped my mind and vice versa. And I generally end up understanding topics better, and remembering information more clearly because I can associate it with various conversations, or maybe a comment that someone made. It's especially good if there is someone in your class whose views and interpretations of events conflict with yours because then you can actually use and apply the facts/figures from the syllabus to form arguments and come up with analysis. Other than that, I chatter about material to my parents or sister (who usually tune me out and put my behaviour down to a symptom of my descent into madness as exams approach, but oh well) to get it all straight in my mind. And if none of that is possible, there's always the option of taking a systemised approach to note making to reduce the chances of drifting off or getting distracted because you'll have steps to follow. Or at least, that's what helps me, haha. Hope its not *totally* useless!
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