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  1. Hi!, I was just wondering how does IA score counts towards the final grade. Can you still get a 7 on a subject with a 5 or 6 on the IA??
  2. Ignacio

    P1 question Nov 2010 help

    Hi there!, Could someone tell me why, the answer to this question is B? I don't understand why the uncertainty of B is higher than A. Thanks!!
  3. Ignacio

    Error bar question

    If I'm not mistaken, then your first graph is an absorbance vs. time graph, and the error bars represent the uncertainty of the digital equipment that you used to measure the absorbance. Is that correct? If that's the case, then it is completely OK if the error bars are too small to be seen. All you need to do is to mention exactly that in your lab report. It is not a rule that the line of best fit has to touch all the error bars! Besides, it makes no sense to use the "deviation" as the error bars, not to mention I have no idea how you calculated that "deviation". But then, all of the error bars would be the same. I've seen graphs in which each data point has different error bars. If they are all the same, then what is the point of having them? What do they offer towards the evaluation of the experiment. Why it makes no sense to use the "deviation" (standard deviation σ )?? Thank you
  4. Ignacio

    Error bar question

    I have a problem with a graph in a lab report i am doing. This graph has on the Y axis the absorbance of a solution. That data has an absolute uncertainty of 0.001. However, the error bars are very small and can't be seen. Also the line of best fit should "touch" all of the error bars, however on my graph the line does not touch any of the error bars. If I change the value of the error bars to the one of deviation, the error bars appear and the line of best fit goes through all of them. What should I do? Is it correct to put the deviation as error bars? Thanks in advanced!!
  5. Hi!, In a physics lab report, I need to measure some angles. One of these angles is 0º. How can I calculate the relative uncertainty?? Thanks
  6. Hi there, I have an absolute error question, regarding a chemistry lab report: I used a spectrophotometer which gives the absorbace with three decimal places (i.e. 1.234). The absolute error for this apparatus would be + 0.001 or half the last unit measurable, therefore + 0.0005? Thank you!
  7. Ignacio

    Physics 2016 specimen papers

    Hi! Does anyone know where I could find specimen papers for the new physics guide for may 2016? Thanks!!
  8. Ignacio

    Mechanics question

    Hi there! Could someone explain to me why in this question, initial velocity(u) is considered to be 0 although it says in the question that it is of 5.0 ms-1? Thanks!
  9. Ignacio

    EE Subject choosing advice

    Hi everyone! So, for the EE, I decided to do it on chemistry. However, I don't know if it would be a good idea to change it to physics, since I would like to study Aerospace engineering at university. Getting high mark at physics EE is really hard, but doing the extended essay in physics could be an advantage in order to get into an university. However I think that with a chemistry EE I could get a higher mark, but doesn't really related to the aerospace degree. Any advice? Thank you
  10. Ignacio

    Maths SL help: Binomial theorem

  11. Ignacio

    Maths SL help: Binomial theorem

    Anyone could help me with this problem?? Thank you,
  12. Ignacio

    EE: Chemistry

    So I'm doing my EE on chemistry, the problem is that I don't know what to choose as a topic or where to start looking for it. Any advice? Thank you

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