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  1. El :3

    enlish litrature sl IOC

    It's best not to analyse the IOC line by line as the examiner will find it a bit "dry" and somewhat "boring" as it's the default go-to for many students, and consequently you may be marked down in the Structure criterion. What I found was the best layout for me was to arrange it by themes. So during the prep time, I brought in several highlighters, and highlighted the lines according to what theme they present (e.g. Identity is represented by green, pursuit of happiness is yellow etc.) and so I did it that way. I highly recommend finding your own strategy that works best, and feel free to use my thematic structure
  2. There's also Language Perfect which I've heard is quite good
  3. El :3

    Ban the person above you

    Banned because you're motivated! :)
  4. El :3

    Ban the person above you

    Banned because you seem like a really nice person
  5. Thanks!! What happens is that in your prep time, you prepare your 10 dot points that you can then bring into the oral. My teacher told me that it would either be loisirs or sante, and we had one photo of each. I had no idea what subtopic in particular, as it's unethical for your teacher to give you so much prep If you practice the oral enough beforehand, you should be confident for whatever is thrown at you! Feel free to message me if you need anything extra
  6. El :3

    blurt random lyrics out!

    Riders on the storm Riders on the storm Into this house we're born Into this world we're thrown Like a dog without a bone An actor out alone Riders on the storm The Doors - Riders on the Storm
  7. El :3

    Please help

    Check your messages xx
  8. El :3

    French B Talking about Photograph

    Hey I made a post which explains what I did http://www.ibsurvival.com/topic/36182-french-b-and-ab-initio-tips/
  9. El :3

    Survey for my Extended Essay

  10. Heey - I made a massive post here of some tips on improving on the Paper 1, 2, and IO. I hope it helps a bit :) feel free to message me if you need any help with anything!
  11. El :3

    An IB friend?

    Yes of course, just message me your Skype username. Yes, just message me your Skype username. May I join too?? Me too!!!!!
  12. El :3

    blurt random lyrics out!

    How I wish, how I wish you were here. We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year, Running over the same old ground. What have we found? The same old fears. Wish you were here. Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
  13. El :3

    Spring question

    With the heat (depending on how much heat is applied) the metal should expand, thus affecting the spring constant. Theoretically it should become stretchier
  14. El :3

    Spring question

    What material is the spring?

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