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  1. Hey guys thanks for the detailed help Well I was thinking about discussing wheter the protagonist has feelings for people or not (in the stranger/l'étranger). I was just wondering how you would set up such a presentation concerning your quotes. Do you present a paragraph and jsut discuss that or would you present about 4-5 different quotes and after about 4 minutes you just go on and present the next quote and start talking about that one? Also when I'm through with discussing all the quotes do I form a conclusion based on what has been said? The structured discussion seems harder then a normal presentation to me THx
  2. Hey I have my IB Oral coming up soon and I was thinking of doing an structured discussion instead of a presnentation The problem is that all the other students did a presentation so I am not quite sure how to do the open discussion Did anyone do that for his/her Oral and what do you guys think of it? Thx for the feedback
  3. Youiop

    Physics Chapter Test

    That site (www.gradegorilla.com) doesnt work, maybe its down temporarly?
  4. Youiop

    Physics Chapter Test

    Hey guys Do you have any idea where you can download chapter tests for Physics SL? That would make studying so mcuh easier! I have the IB test but I want to do them after I know all the CORE topics, so chapter test would help. Thx!
  5. Youiop

    SL Physics Sample Exams

    I mean are there others ways to get examination paper, rather then buying it at the IBO Store? Especially the 2008 ones
  6. Youiop

    SL Physics Sample Exams

    My exams are in 2 weeks though :/
  7. Youiop

    SL Physics Sample Exams

    Hey I was wondering if the IB sample exams and exams from previous years packet is worth it http://store.ibo.org/product_info.php?products_id=1117 this is the link If anyone has used these before it would be great if you could tell me how useful they are. The product description doesnt even say if this packet has answers So i dont just want to go ahead and buy it. Thx
  8. Youiop

    IB Study Guide

    there doesn't seem to be one for business and management though
  9. Youiop

    4 HLs

    He is most likely taking Spanish HL because thats his main (A1) language in Argentina...
  10. Youiop

    SL: Study guide.

    [quote name='drewrow' post='42803' date='Apr 9 2009, 02:02 AM']Paul Hoangs book is not so much as a study guide but more a indepth text book. He actually came out with a revision book about 3 weeks ago to compliment his text book it may be worth it to look up both of these online. Good Luck, Drewrow[/quote] Does one of you have a link or the name of his book?
  11. Youiop

    IB Study Guide

    The link you gave me is to a study guide which was created for 2007, i guess the ones on the ibo site are the best for this years examns, i could be wrong though
  12. Youiop

    IB Study Guide

    HEy guys I am taking the SL Physics and SL Business test this year and i was wondering if it would be worth it to buy the study guides for each subject from the ibo.org website [url="http://store.ibo.org/product_info.php?products_id=990"]http://store.ibo.org/product_info.php?products_id=990[/url] [url="http://store.ibo.org/product_info.php?products_id=976"]http://store.ibo.org/product_info.php?products_id=976[/url] Here are the links, since there were no reviews im not sure if those guides are really good, Thx for your help
  13. Youiop

    Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

    I'm not studying German, but i am from Germany and i am doing the IB program in America.
  14. Youiop

    SL: Study guide.

    Hey guys, i"m currently taking business Sl and I'll have to take the exams next month in May. Since I decided to start studying for my exam during the next week, I was wondering if there is any good study guide, which you can buy on the IBO website or download somewhere. The problem is that our class isn't even using a Business SL book from the IBO. I was looking in this forum at some of the downloadable stuff, but i'm not sure if these notes are for Business HL or SL. So if someone could tell me where to find a good Business SL study guide, that would be great Thx!
  15. Youiop

    History EE

    Hey after thinking a lot about my EE topic, I decided to do it in history because I have this class as an HL and therefore know enough terminology I was thinking of analyzing what change the katakana and hiragana system brought to the japanese society. What do you guys think of the question and do you have any tipps to improve it? Thx

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