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  1. Hey guys, I'm doing my math IA on mersenne primes. Anybody heard of this? If you have, do you have any ideas as to what I could explore using mersenne primes? I though maybe cryptography? though I'm not sure... even so, which aspect of cryptography might I explore using mersenne primes? Any suggestions would be helpful Thanks
  2. Does anyone have in possession or access to November 2014 English A HL Paper 1? I tried looking it up but could not find it. If anyone does, please post it or message me:) Thank you in advance
  3. Hey guys, help me!! HOW DO YOU STOP PROCRASTINATION?? I'm a really, really serious procrastinator and it's extremely harmful. Anyone is/was a procrastinator and have any tips to stop being soo lazy?
  4. omgee

    Chemistry IA ideas

    Anyone have any ideas for Chemistry IA labs?
  5. How do you guys stop this procrastination ****?? Feel free to share humorous anecdotes as well
  6. I'm doing a project for Econ where I have to pick an economist and explain one of his quotes, along with the person himself, etc. I've picked Milton Friedman and his quote is: “If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in five years there'd be a shortage of sand.†Anyone know what it could mean? Ive searched for ages but couldn't find any help with explanation... could you guys share some sources as well if you can? It has to be the above quote, i can't change it
  7. yeah so my EE's due in a few hours. I don't have anything done yet, but don't worry I believe I can finish it if only my problem is solved. My problem: for my EE, I'm doing a comparison paper that explores the theme of ambition between two book. Right now, I have three books: Macbeth, Lord of the Flies, Siddhartha. Out of these, which TWO books would you guys say are the best suited for ambition?? I wanted to to Lord of the Flies and Siddhartha but I'm not sure if I can find quotes in Siddhartha on ambition - if any of you can, please let me know and i'll go along with Siddhartha.
  8. Hi, thank you for answering on my post. I just hope you can read this before it's too late. Thank for worrying, I'm not really panicking though What i really wanted to ask in my post was if siddhartha and lord of the flies were a good pair to explore ambition. if not, i could go for lord of the flies and macbeth (drop siddhartha). Or, find a totally different them to explore (not ambition). if you have read siddhartha, do you know how ambition could be explored in siddhartha?
  9. So, my EE's due tomorrow 11:59 p.m. I know it's pretty late but I have to do it. And I haven't done any of it yet. Luckily, I've got a semi-plan outline, which looks like a table of contents, but I just can't get started. Each time I think of starting, I fear that somewhere along I realize how crappy my essay is and might have to start from scratch. My essay's going to be a comparison essay between Siddhartha and lord of the Flies. I'm going to be exploring the theme 'ambition' in the essay. Do you guys think this is a good idea? or is there any other theme that might be easier to explore? another book i have is Macbeth, which I'm not using for the above mentioned theme but if you guys suggest a better one i can start from scratch since i don't have anything done anyway If you guys find that 'ambition' is an okay theme to explore in Siddhartha and Lord of the Flies, could you guys just me with where I could get sources for Siddhartha and ambition... or would Macbeth suit this theme more? by ambition in siddhartha, i meant like how he wants to find enlightenment and he goes to great extent to do so, giving up lots of thing, etc. So what d'you guy say? do i stick with ambition in lord of the flies and siddhartha or switch either the theme or the book (macbeth is my other choice)? if i stick with, where could i find for siddhartha? if i change the theme, which should i use? and don't be afraid to suggest some pretty big changes since i don't have anything anyway so i can always change it

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