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  1. ChocolateandIB

    IA guide and resources (2016 - onwards)

    I know the background information is not a huge part of the IA, but I am having trouble locating sources here. Are there rules here to not use encyclopedia's and textbooks as here as it would be in a History IA? If so where can I get more information on chemistry topics?
  2. ChocolateandIB

    Language apps?

    Duolingo is a good one. Making a pen pal through tumblr or whatever I find is the most effective. You can start a German group in IB Survival and wait for people to join. if you take Bio Sl/HL, ib bio ninja is ok. It hasn't done much to our cohort though. Older cohorts have said "it was our lungs!"
  3. ChocolateandIB

    History SL/HL Help

    How do you attach an appendix in the HI? I am thinking about adding a google image version of it as I can't really copy and paste the from the actual source. And how do I cite it? If I am using the Chicago style, would it be footnote then (appendix _ )?
  4. Hi! This may sound like a weird request, but does anyone know where to get a good heart rate monitor? I am doing my Bio IA on heart rate, so I need an accurate heart rate monitor. Also its the summer vacation for me, so I can't get one from my school. Any help would be appreciated!
  5. ChocolateandIB

    Did I make the right IB choices? Urgent help needed

    I agree with King112 on dropping 4 HLs. With experience I can say it is a really bad idea. Although like he sayed it works out for some people. Though I feel like they are in the minority, so its better not to take that risk. Nonetheless its up to you. I can also understand that it is harder to judge at this point, so the best advice I can give is talk to your teachers from the subjects you chose early and see what they expect from you and if you can handle it. Also if you do decide on 4 HLs anyway, be really good at time management. Good luck!
  6. ChocolateandIB

    History EE help

    Hi! I am doing my EE in history and was reading the criteria and it said for Criteria D Knowledge and understanding of topic studied " The essay should have a solid foundation of specific relevant knowledge, whose meaning is understood by the student. This knowledge can then be analysed and, on the basis of this analysis, an argument can be formed and a conclusion to the research question reached." (Extended Essay Guide 97) This part makes no sense for me. Is this just basically asking you if after reading your essay it is evident you are knowledgeable on your topic or not?
  7. ChocolateandIB

    Chemistry IA idea Process

    Hey!! I am having a lot of trouble coming up with a topic for an IA. I came up with some but they are either really related to biology or extremely complex. So my question is in general for those who have successfully developed an idea, what was your process? Did you go from specific chapter that interested you, is there a real life situation that motivated you to come up with your IA idea that you narrowed, etc. Also is the process similar to finding a topic similar to narrowing in topics in EEs ( not chemistry ones in paticular) I am awar that this post is possibly really vague, so please tell me if something didn't make sense.
  8. ChocolateandIB

    Biology definitions

    Hi! I was wondering does ib ever ask defintions outside the ones they ask for in the syllabus?
  9. ChocolateandIB

    Can I improve?

    I was doing really well in the beginning of the year. But in second semester (my school is a linear Canadian school year) my grades went terrible to the point that my parents and teachers were surprised. Basically I went from nearly 80-90s to like 50-60s for a couple of my subjects. This is my last semester in my first year. Can I still improve? Is there anything anyone suggests that can help me improve? Is this a horrible thing and should I drop out?
  10. ChocolateandIB

    French Skype Group?

    I would love to join!
  11. ChocolateandIB

    IOP help

    Thanks! I don't know if I can change topics now but I will ask.
  12. ChocolateandIB

    IOP help

    Hey! I have two weeks to finish my IOP and I am really stuck. I am trying to do mine on plot structures between two novels (Things Fall Apart and Fasting, Feasting) and although I was done a draft that I meant to work on it more, my teacher reminded me that I don't have a point that I am getting across. Basically, (no matter if you read the books or not) is it possible to find anything through plot structures? Should I use a different topic instead?

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