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  1. Well I'll start by saying good luck to whoever is still taking exams and congratulations to everyone who already took them! I hope everything went well and I'm sure you'll make it to the college of your dreams! Now I'll proceed to what I need help with, again... people, I have messed up... really bad... I've had 29 points for term 2, when I am in desperate need for at least 34-38 to make it into any good university... I have HL Biology, Chemistry, Psychology SL Maths, Spanish and English. I messed up by choosing chemistry, a subject I absolutely hate but to take Veterinary Medicine/Sciences in a good college apparently need. I had a 2 in every test, despite studying my ass off. And somehow made a 3 for the term grades. My first teacher was great, but got pregnant and now my new teacher sucks and probably won't get pregnant anytime soon so I have to deal with that. I'm currently studying Energetics, and whilst not understanding anything from this subject, I now realized I haven't understood anything since the beginning. I need a 666 in my three HL subjects, I also suck at Biology where my teacher does his best to not give me full points for all questions I answer. I need tips on how to deal with this? How do I improve my grades and what are the most important parts of chemistry and biology exams? Thank you very much for those that read through!
  2. Honestly, if I did get the option I'd pick A-levels over the IB at any time. Universities won't really give you advantage over anyone just for doing the IB instead of A-levels. In the US they actually don't even care about the IB for admissions. If you know what you want to do with your life, A-levels are more specialized and will help you get some basic but focused knowledge on some stuff you'll need for your future. Plus, if you don't do well in IB (much like me right now...) it'll actually be harder for you to be accepted into a good university.
  3. Good afternoon people of IB survival, you have saved me before and now I need your assistance again. As I am a procrastinator, like most people who frequent IB survival, I have left one more thing for the last night. I have been asked to choose my Maths SL exploration question and must deliver it tomorrow. I want something football related and using IB Maths resources I have come up with: Does sacking a manager improve results?Do Premier League wages predict league positions?Now, which one do you think will be easier to write more on? Which one will be easier to find information on? and What type of maths do you reckon will I have to do for both? (Calculus, Trig, statistics). Thank you for reading and I will be very grateful for any help possible. Also available for other suggestions on easier explorations. Thank you very much, 24JoseFerreira
  4. Hey IB students and teachers! I am a student from Portugal and completely new to this website. I have come in search for help! I had a pretty easy life throughout school here in Portugal (PYP and MYP were basic!) and suddenly the IB comes, and hits me as hard as a tsunami.... My choices were and are: Biology HLChemistry HLPsychology HLEnglish Lang and LitSpanish Ab initioMaths StandardI am losing myself in these choices. I mean my languages are fine, should get a 6 or a 7 for both, but the rest is too hard. I'm losing track already. Mid term 1, I currently have a 2 for Chem, 3 for Biology and a 2 for Psychology, and a 3 for Maths. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. I believe I have studied enough but when it comes to the test I just feel like I forget everything, all the time!!! I really don't know how I'm supposed to survive the IB if I can't even survive term 1. I could really use all the help possible right now! I have no idea what I'm doing and I desperately need to make 38 points to go to Forensic Science at UCL! Please people! Any advice or suggestions would be amazing! I also answer PM's if anyone prefers to talk to me through there. I hope no one is running into as much trouble as I am!
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