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  1. narathiel

    Mathematics HL paper 3 TZ2

    TZ 2 Series and differential equations for me did you get 5.89 for Eulers method? and 0 for the l hopital one? I could have seriously gotten 100% but I did one careless mistake per qs so ridiculous............ so then i will get 80% or so which will result in me ionly getting a 6 overall.............cry.
  2. narathiel

    Bio SL Paper 1 and 2

    i did the lactose qs and I wrote that you can use lacase to immobilize lactose on beads or just add it to milk and then about culturing bacteria to produce lactase.
  3. narathiel

    Bio SL Paper 1 and 2

    Also TZ2 Paper 1 wtf, there were two questions which are not part of SL syllabus- the leading strand one and the one with bi/tricuspid valve- pls persuade your teachers to also protest so it gets taken off the exam the multiple choice had a couple iffy ones. I think I got 26/30 if I am lucky. Paper 2 how does impulse travel was an essay qs, was it not? I took qs 5 with the digestion and enzyme importance but was kind of stuck what to write about the lactose free milk- should i write about how to get lactase or how to use lactase to get rid of lactose in milk?- i wrote about both only qs i got wrong for sure is define allele- o well 1 point. for the labelling the gene transfer the first label for me was bacteria cell i also labelled sticky gc ends somewhere and the recombinant plasmid i dont remember anything too difficult for either papers but they were much harder than previous papers cos I am not sure if I got a 7, unlike last 3+ yrs lol... lots of chem was in my favour as i do chem HL.
  4. narathiel

    May 10 Chemistry Paper 1 & 2

    atomic number.
  5. narathiel

    Chemistry HL Paper 3

    you use GLC, but apart from that, you are all right. and calibration curve would work. urine, unlike many other liquid, do not decompose when vapourized. Hence GLC is the better idea. But urine contains hormones and proteins and many amino acids and that is what the steroid is, so it does decompose when vapourized.
  6. narathiel

    Chemistry HL Paper 3

    "We didn't study" is relative to how much we normally study, is my view. I said to take the copper sulfate solution and use water to make various concentrations out of it and then make the calibration curve- does that work? what did you say for the urine? I said HPLC and compare how long it takes for steroid to leave column with the urine and if any part of the urine leaves steroid at the same time but that is probably wrong.
  7. narathiel

    Chemistry HL Paper 3

    My options were Drugs and Analytical Drugs was easy- just what 4 points did you write for the assembling the drug library thingy Analytical was a pain and I mighta failed it cos I only ever studied it the day before-lol. what did you put for mobile/stationery phases for the two chromatography types and what did you put for which chromatography to use and then outlining how to use it? for the graph I drew the peaks with same area but closer to y axis. I said beta carotene absorbed visible light due to delocalized electrons across molecule by Pi bonds-agree?? What to put for the bonds. I said N2 was not polar so no effect and for H20 I showed asymmetrical stretch and symmetrical bending. what did you guys put for the 4 mark copper concentration determining question?? I thought Beer Lambert is just for UV/Vis so I wrote about calibration curves.
  8. narathiel

    chem paper 3

    Ok so I had drugs option and analytical Drugs option was rather easy the drug with therapeutic window which was lowest needed medical supervision i said. other drug stuff easy except perhaps 4 marks for how to make compound library. but analytical was effing hard like i had only studied it the day before but still i said beta carotene was in visible spectrum cos of delocalized electrons what did you say about the 4 point copper 2+ concentration qs and the qs preceding that and what are the mobile stationary phase for the chromatography and which to use for the urine? and how it works? and for the bonds of N-n and H0-H what did you say? and what to draw for the graph- I drew the peaks in same ratio to another but closer to y axis. peaks with same size and area underneath them NO GRAPH TO ANALYSE....
  9. ^^pH does not stay 7 it changes but OH- and H+ concentration remains constant for multi choice what did you put with the qs where it says what is Kw if ka and kw are so and so i put the fraction.
  10. i also put br. were there anymore tricky multi choice- I think no or?
  11. What did you guys say for the paper 1 for the ionic radii was the qs asking for smallest/largest I dont remember the options there were F, K Br and another ion
  12. narathiel

    May 10 Chemistry Paper 1 & 2

    TZ 2. So for me paper 1 was easy except like 2 questions but I reckon I got above 90%, perhaps 100% Paper 2 was harder timewise I reckon I got almost 100% for Section A and like 80% for section B. What did you guys write for the boiling points of cyclobutane's geo isomers? I did not get the buffer question and when I thought of the equation time ran out. what was it?? Paper 3 talk later.... But generally I must say P 1 and P 2 were MUCH HARDER than the last years. Like for 2008 multiple choice paper I just took 26 minutes to answer all qs to the best of my skill, getting 90%, but this year I had to take the whole time to answer all. I am happy cos it seems I have managed the 7 I need for studying chemistry next year.
  13. narathiel

    Your IB, Your opportunities

    Our school has had IB since about 6 years with an average of around 28-32 points every year- so not the best......... Everyone takes it once they are in 11th grade. People failing mid way change to just IB certificate which is fair I guess Subjects we have are english/german/ japanese and self taught dutch/norwegian/spanish and italian A1 same for a2 minus the self taught ones english, french, spanish, german b geo/business/economics/history math bio, chem, physics music, visual arts, theatre All these my school offers at sl and hl which is good. I'd really like to see some type of psychology, ICT, film or environmental systems though. I am pretty happy with my subject choice though.
  14. narathiel

    Anyone tried pulling an all nighter?

    I usually work from 8-11 and continue if I am not finished. That takes me till 0 on most work heavy days but I am usually able to cope with few very long nights and always at least 7 hours of sleep. I need 8 I feel, so I'd like more, but then again, I procrastinate from when I come home till 8- might have to change that. I have had close to all nighters from a geography sl project where we had to write and format a national geographic article and my partner was as unproductive as could be. That was 4 am. Never had much later work. Sometimes science labs can get me staying till 1-2 in the morning though. But I am proud to say I have never had to pull an all nighter. When I see one coming I usually work till 1am every day so I always get in at least some sleep- I think that is a good tip for the rest too.
  15. narathiel

    The Oxbridge Guide

    Hi, I have the following grades: Math HL 7 Chem HL 7 English A1 HL 5 Bio SL 7 Spanish B SL 5 Geography SL 7 I want to apply for Natural Sciences at Cambridge or MEM (Materials, Economics and Management) at Oxford. Do I stand a chance with those 2 5's? Will I even be invited for an interview? What plays a more prominent role in being invited for an interview- grades or personal statement or teacher's refereneces? For which would it be better to apply with those grades?

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