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  1. I'm TZ2 and Japan so Im taking it in about 7 hours!! (thank god I live like 2mins from the test site) Anyway, good luck and I better get some sleep!
  2. Hi Yes, HL history writes 3 essays in 2 hours and a half for paper 3.
  3. I wrote 2 answer booklets (so 8 pages in total) for paper 1.Same goes for paper 2
  4. if its organics then hydration is an addition reaction of alkenes. Hydration means alkene's reaction with water to form an alcohol. the neccessary condition is steam.
  5. yeah paper was quite straightforward (The 8 pt question of asking for policies to deal with Current account deficit has been asked several times before). Yet the question about how the TOT decrease I answered it 'because exports decrease to the price of export decrease and thus lead to deteriotion of TOT. do you guys think that would be correct? Thanks What was the question about TOT decrease? I forgot lol ur name made me laugh... you must have a carbon-oxygen bond in your structure! lol i rmb that question is abt defning tot and describing trend of tot in a graph? did you choose that question? If my memory serves me well, I believe that Peru's import prices (of agricultural food) increased while its export prices (oil?) decreased, so TOT deteriorates. If you apply the definition of TOT, elaborate well and use some of the data/info provided, you should score all 4 points. If I remember well, Peru's TOT deteriorated during 2008-2009 period. I said that one obvious reason is the decline in export price. Another reason could possibly be the global financial crisis during 2008-2009. Since Peru exports commodity good, the demand is very elastic and supply is inelastic. This explains why its TOT deteriorated.
  6. I chose topic 2 question 12(I think this is the last question on topic 2) about powerful pressure groups in democratic states (I did Taisho democracy and Weimar Germany) I also did topic 3 the question on if achieving a complete totalitarian state is hard. I'm TZ2
  7. I got 30cm3 I dont remember what I got for enthalpy change per mol but I think I got 5.2c for the change in temperature. But my percentage error was high though ;(
  8. I got 30cm3 I dont remember what I got for enthalpy change per mol but I think I got 5.2c for the change in temperature.
  9. me too! were you able to complete q4?
  10. TZ2 - last question (10) on trig wasn't hard but it was such a pain to rearrange the equation and finding the intersection points. I think my methods are right, but the answers might be wrong since I didnt have time to recheck (pretty sure the the last question of question 10 was all wrong since I forgot to subtract the area of the triangle) Question 7 wasn't bad this time. Our teacher prepared us so well for any questions dealt with discriminant and quadratics. But question 10 really blew my 7 away though. Just going to pray for a 6.
  11. I'm TZ2. part A was actually quite good. The only thing we had to calculate was enthalpy change and the amount of HCl needed to neutralize 25cm3 of NaOH? I did question 5 for section B. God bless equilibrium! They had equilibrium this year and I couldnt be any happier. I was debating between organics and equilibrium though. To my surprise, organics section B this year didn't ask to draw the nucleophilic substitution.
  12. I did peacemaking and peace keeping and got the Locarno Pact (TZ2) I was so glad that this year exam wasnt on any of the small treaties post-WW1.

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