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  1. Gugo Tadevosyan

    Applying to NYU Abu Dhabi

    I will get my IELTS results on Nov 6. Thanks for encouraging P.S. Yeah, my counselor was invited to NYU AD last year and now is the only person that connects Armenia with NYU AD directly.
  2. Gugo Tadevosyan

    Applying to NYU Abu Dhabi

    My counselor is an accredited counselor of NYU Abu Dhabi and I have already got a nomination from her for NYU AD. She says that I have a good chance. Let's hope for the best Adding on to what King said, those scores look pretty solid. NYU AD is relatively easy to get into, from what I understand from your post, you definitely have a strong chance of getting accepted. Thank youuuu !!! I am sending my application tomorrow ! Wish me Luck
  3. Gugo Tadevosyan

    Applying to NYU Abu Dhabi

    Hey Guys, I'm applying to NYU Abu Dhabi ED1. I have prediction of 39 out of 42, (776 766). Have quite powerful extracuricullars (Model UN, European Youth Parliament, Red Cross, etc...). Class rank 1 out of 12 and GPA 3.79/4 Unweighted. Have got quite good recommendations from in and outside of my school. What you think, what are my chances?
  4. Gugo Tadevosyan

    Major in Finance

    Hello my dearest friends, My brother is going to start his DP1 this September. He wants to major in Finance later in the university. Together we decided that he will study HL - Economics, Math and Eng B SL - Geo, CS and Lang A Lit What do you think about this combination? What about switching Geo with Business & Man. ? And is HL Math required or desirable? Thank Youuuu
  5. Gugo Tadevosyan

    biology IA --- bacteria ?

    If I'm not mistaken 10 hours means 10 hours of lesson, so you have approx 3 hours of bio each week (SL) You will have 3 weeks if you're SL to complete it ( I may be mistaken)
  6. Gugo Tadevosyan

    Bio Curriculum

    For HL Bio there are Additional Higher Level topics + 2 options
  7. Gugo Tadevosyan

    Applying to Ivy league universities as an IB student

    Guys what about NYU Abu Dhabi? What you think how can I impress them???
  8. Gugo Tadevosyan

    Applying to NYU

    Thank Youuuu !!!
  9. Gugo Tadevosyan

    Applying to NYU

    Hey Guys !!! I am applying to NYU Abu Dhabi this November (Early Decision 1) I want to do Political Science --- What you think, what are my chances of getting in??? Give me some advice !!! My Predictions HL Geography - 6 HL History - 6 HL English - 6 SL Math - 5 SL Biology - 5 SL Lang A Literature - 6 Tok x EE - B Overall 36 out of 45 For my extracurriculars: I'm volunteering in a Red Cross Refugee Shelter (approx 3 hours a week) have volunteered for fundraising for ChildNoPain NGO, etc. (approx 20 hours) Have Graduated from musical school - playing on flute I know 3 languages - Armenian, Russian and English (can communicate freely in each of them) Thanks for Reading !!!
  10. Gugo Tadevosyan

    History IA

    My advice to you - go to a bookstore !!! You can find a huge amount of material about historical events, and especially their impacts on the social life if you'll choose historical novels. For my History IA I have taken a novel about a life of a family during the interwar period in Britain.
  11. Gugo Tadevosyan

    Bio Curriculum

    OMG, why the hell then my teacher makes me to study Extended Cellular Respiration and Nucleic Acids and Proteins -________- Anyway, thanks Guyssss !!!
  12. Gugo Tadevosyan

    Math SL - Calculus

    Hey there! I can offer Khan Academy. Follow the link, and click on the topics you are interested in. I have already passed calculus, and I don't think that it is really harsh. https://www.khanacademy.org/math
  13. Gugo Tadevosyan

    Bio Curriculum

    Hey Guys !!! I have a bit strange question. In Biology SL am I required to learn AHL material? And how many optional topics do I have to study??? Thanks for your response !!!
  14. Gugo Tadevosyan

    Taking Two Group 3 Subjects

    I am taking History Geography both HL, and I can say that they support me a lot. History will make your writings really structured and analytical (note that History is one of the hardest IB Subjects and it requires a huge amount of time to do). And Geo is about Problems that human race has now. It is a great way of engaging yourself with the entire world (also it will help you a lot with your university application and interviews)
  15. Gugo Tadevosyan

    Geography EE on tourism - topic

    Hey Leticia, I have chosen Tourism as my EE subject too. My topic is " To what Extent the Swan Lake ( It's an artificial lake in the center of Yerevan, Armenia ) Fosters Tourism in Yerevan." The main principle is just to take something local and small, so you can use vast amount of primary sources.

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