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  1. leepsyle

    Final Countdown to May 2010 Results

    I don't get to look at my scores until 7:15 pm tomorrow! That's going to be the worst wait ever!
  2. leepsyle

    November 09 May 10 Title 4

    I used Ethics and History
  3. leepsyle

    How to do well in HL Biology.

    I'm not sure exactly what all the options are but I think ours is on Evolution. Either way, I've learned more in the past 2 weeks with our new teacher than I learned all last year with our old teacher. She was horrible and really did not know the subject at all. I'm from only the 2nd group at our school to test in IB because we were only certified a couple years ago. So we are still in a weird phase. But I think it should all turn out alright!
  4. leepsyle

    Internal Assessment Help

    I think it's great to go narrow. But that also depends on what topic you are writing about. Your topic sounds like it would be good to go a little more narrow if you think you can. (It's a great and interesting topic by the way)
  5. leepsyle

    History IA - Difference between Sections B and D

    Also don't mention anything in your analysis that would introduce new info not listed in the summary of evidence.
  6. leepsyle

    How to do well in HL Biology.

    We have spent the last couple of weeks with a new Biology HL teacher and he has only been teaching stuff on hormones. I am in my second year of the course but it is his first year teaching. I looked at the syllabus and I didn't see any mention of hormones. Is he spending time on something we don't need or did I just miss something?
  7. leepsyle

    Intended Majors

    Political Science or International Relations
  8. leepsyle

    How depressing are your A1 texts?

    Ours so far: Part I: My Antonia - Willa Cather Poetry of Robert Frost Poetry of Emily ****inson The Lives of Animals - J.M. Coetzee Part II: Second Class Citizen - Emecheta Matigari - Ngugi Paradise of the Blind - Duong Tu Houng This Earth of Mankind - Proemadya Toer
  9. leepsyle

    How to plan out Paper 3 answers

    We do practice Paper 3 for every unit and we are told to write for 45 minutes on each question.
  10. leepsyle

    History IA

    If you are going to discuss the mafia, link it with a political leader or a form of government.
  11. leepsyle

    IA-Historical Investigation (topic help!)

    I agree that Pinochet is very interesting and your teacher may not cover him depending on which history class you are taking.
  12. leepsyle

    History IA

    Yeah, you need a different topic. Idi Amin is very interesting so you might still want to use him but discuss history, not a movie. Don't even mention the movie.
  13. leepsyle

    OPVL-History IA, help!

    Make sure that you actually say the words of OPVL in the Evaluation of sources. Approach the sources in the same way you would on Paper 1 but expand your evaluation by a little bit. This should be one of the easier areas of the IA, so don't start too much analysis. It should be around 250 words total I think.
  14. leepsyle

    My real history IA

    I would put more focus on a certain policy or on Kennedy. But it is much easier to revise the question once you write the summary of evidence.

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