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  1. seeeeahawks

    How much is too much?

    When comedians want a good reaction from their audience, they'll often bring lighthearted racism into their act, religious jokes, or foul and sexual language to add humourous vulgarity. But when we think about these things, when do these things become too much in their act? Where do comedians cross the line between humour and just plain vulgarity? Personally, I feel like Ellen Degeneres and Jim Gaffigan, to name the top two, are the funniest comedians who manage to use minimal language and can actually use the things listed above to their advantage. However, those like Katt Williams and Kevin Hart often take it too far, and their "humour" takes away from their act. What's your opinion?
  2. seeeeahawks

    Jailbroken TI N-spire CX to the tests?

    In my state, you're not allowed to use TI N-Spires at all for tests. Maybe y'all are different idk
  3. seeeeahawks

    Jailbroken TI N-spire CX to the tests?

    You're not even allowed to use the TI N-Spire on exams, you have to use a TI-84
  4. seeeeahawks

    Yum or Yuck

    Yum...especially beef flavour! Marmite?
  5. seeeeahawks

    Objectification vs appreciation of beauty?

    I'll just use this example: My current boyfriend used to be such a you-know-what. Before we even considered dating, he would only talk to me to try and get pictures from me (and every other girl he talked to, at that), or to try to get me to have sexual conversations with him. And he used to be really perverted. That's objectifying--you think someone's attractive and so the first thing you try is to use them for sex. Now, he's changed. As far as I know (and I check his phone lol), he doesn't talk to any other girls, and (whether it's true or not) he tells me I'm the only one he wants to be with. I don't know if that'll change or not, but it's a start. My whole point here is not to share everything about my personal life, it's to show that there is a BIG difference between objectification and noticing beauty. I'd say, when a guy says you're beautiful, he's noticing beauty (keep in mind that he might just be trying to get between the sheets)...if someone constantly compliments you on your breasts, butt, or just body in general, they're objectifying you--thinking you're attractive just because they want to put their plus in your minus. Objectification can be flattering, but shouldn't be tolerated...there's a difference between love and lust, and yet a fine line. These two are on either side of that line. I'm not even sure if this made sense, I'm sorry. But I pressed a button before and it erased the whole post I was gonna add so...I just kind of puked on the keyboard and hoped it made sense.
  6. seeeeahawks

    My mind hurts

    How about zero to the power of zero? Because anything to the power of 0 is one, but 0 to the power of anything is still 0. oo spooky. Jk but seriously it scares me.
  7. seeeeahawks

    How many languages do you speak?

    English, Spanish, French, Arabic, German, Sarcasm, and Profanity(; Lol. But seriously.
  8. seeeeahawks

    My mind hurts

    Hi guys So.. Let's think of as many mind-hurting things as we can. Like why the sky is blue (I know why it's blue--don't freakin' chastise me), or my favorite... If humans had a reaction time of zero, then we would react to everything at the exact moment it happened..meaning that technically, time wouldn't pass in relation to our inner clocks, right? What do you think? I literally have a headache from trying to think of this. So...help.
  9. So I guess since we're on the string of controversial/depressing topics, I want to now hear your opinion on suicide/being depressed or suicidal. Do you think people have good enough reasons to cut? Do you think suicide is the cowardly "easy way out"? And do you think drug use shows that someone wants to die? I just want opinions. On this topic, let me tell you this: If anyone needs to talk to someone about being depressed or suicidal, I'm the person. I'm here for anyone who wants to talk just in case.
  10. seeeeahawks

    Corruption in society and unequal rights.

    You have a good point.
  11. seeeeahawks

    Favorite teacher? Worst teacher?

    My chemistry teacher is incompetent. My APWH teacher is an angry lady at about 4'9"...My english teacher is getting ready to retire...my health teacher probably needs to start arranging his funeral, and my Alg 2 STEM teacher is like four feet tall but awesome...My band teacher is insane and by far my favorite, and my spanish teacher is a great teacher, for a second-year teacher at my school. Lol...
  12. My question is: Why do people like Ellen Degeneres, Neil Patrick Harris, and Elton John get to be homosexual publicly, and not be chastised for it, while if your average joe wanted to marry the love of his life, he'd have to move to a different state? Is that really fair? I don't understand why everything is okay for celebrities. Like they're allowed to be gay, they're allowed to be drug addicts and criminals, and they get away with a month in jail and a suspension from participation on TV or in movies. Tell me exactly how right it sounds for Michael from down the street to have to appeal to a court to be able to marry his soulmate, or for Mary to be able to marry Catherine. Honestly, guys. Am I the only one who thinks this is wrong? It makes just about as much sense as blaming the Jews for Germany's issues. And it makes me really mad to even think about the unfairness that our new generations are growing up with.
  13. seeeeahawks

    Your opinion on L/G/B/T?

    I'm good friends with a lesbian girl, and I know several boys who are gay, and I dunno, but they're my best friends. I can see what you mean, sushichan*-*, by them being hard to approach..but let's think. A foreigner is hard to approach, as well. I think it's because they may have different values and ideals, and we're afraid of offending them or of not understanding what they're all about. At least, that's my opinion. No one should ever be criticised for liking someone of the same sex, or with transgender people, embracing who they want to be. It's like criticising a teacher because they wanted to be a teacher: it doesn't make any sense. I think everyone--black people, white people, asian people, hispanic people, gays, lesbians, transgenders, etc. should all have equal rights, opportunities, and recognition. Look at my newest blog to see some more on the whole rights thing.
  14. seeeeahawks

    Your opinion on L/G/B/T?

    I just want to know your opinion on these different orientations... As someone who's bisexual (just a little I guess lol), I have no issues with whatever orientation someone may happen to be. But I want to know your opinions. Go ahead...
  15. seeeeahawks

    Awkwardness help needed...

    HORMONES. You probably just like, I dunno how to say this, but I guess I'm tryna say you reached a new area of the puberty era. Know what I mean? Like for example, I used to have so many guys I'd talk to and I wasn't really single but now I'm past that and settled down bc hormone changes. So maybe your hormones thought you should have a period where you just can't seem to do anything. But I've had the same stage as you, even as a girl (talking to boys, of course...)

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