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  1. Hi, Do you know any schools that offer November sessions for retake in Europe? I have contacted a few now but unfortunately they don't. It sucks that we have to contact each school individually and ask them. It would be so much easier if the IB could just make a webpage or something with all the schools offering November sessions.....
  2. Okay so I have to find some uncertainties for my calculations... First, I have to calculate number of moles of X and that goes like this: n=c*V = A + B = D In order to find the uncertainties for n(X) I add the percentage uncertainties for each A and B. Now the ratio of two reactants is 1:5 therefore I have to multiply the answer D with 5 so: 5 * D = E And now I get confused as to how to calculate the uncertainty when I have this multiplication of 5. Is the uncertainty only the uncertainty of D or? Hope you are not too confused about this...
  3. So i have a question regarding significant figures... if I multiply (5/1) * 0.000352 would that be 0.00176 or 0.00200? I'm calculating number of moles and the ratio is 1:5 that is why I have 5/1
  4. So... chemistry IA... i was wondering what is the uncertainty of pH meter? I know we may use different ones and so on and so forth but I just want to see if +/- 0.02 seems reasonable?
  5. I would recommend that you just write the whole thing.. I am sure you can cut some words here and there (if the reason you are asking is that you are over the word limit).
  6. weheartit


    Hey, So I am currently doing my IA, and I have a question regarding the equivalence point.. From what I've read there is a way to find the equivalence point on Logger Pro using first and second derivative, and this is what I got: 1st der: 5.02 mL 2nd der: 5.33 mL Why is there such a big difference between 1 and 2 der? Also, are there some other ways of calculating eq point?
  7. Judging by your writing and expressions it seems to me you are doing quite well in english, so I don't see why you should stress about it. I am also not a native speaker and I also have English B, and I really wanted to do my EE in english but we were too many so I had to go with another subject. I would say just go with it!
  8. Hi guys, As I am doing my TOK Essay and I realized that I have some nice arguments from previous essays I was wondering if I use them would that count as plagiarism? One of my teachers thinks that that is plagiarism but I just don't understand why would it be? It's my work?
  9. Hey, what is the word count for the rationale for the written assignment (creative written assignment)? On some places they say it is 150, other 150-250.. is that something to do with the changes for 2015?
  10. Hi, Right now i have math hl however i feel like in going to fail and i am considering dropping down to standard level. Is there a deadline for when is the last chance for dropping? Btw this is my last year, exams in may 2015
  11. Is "curves in space" good topic for IA?
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