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  1. JosephLee1464

    Grade 9 and 10 Subjects

    My dad got an email from Bayview SS, from someone named Carolyn Huson, and it said I had made it in. And I would like to ask all of the members here who attend Bayview SS in grades 9 and 10 that are in the pre-IB program what they learn in their classes. Do all pre-IB students learn the same thing? So, what do the teachers teach?
  2. JosephLee1464


    Hey people!~ I'm a student who did extremely well in all my school years, except for grade seven, which is the year I haven't really focused on. Is it alright for my report card to have many 90s as well as 80s with the exception of 70s on Computer? Does anybody know the "standard" report card that students who want to get in should have? Also, should I have a large, extensive vocabulary for the test? If so, can you give me a few sample words that will be on the test? How many sections are there, and how much time do we get for each section? Sorry for hammering you all with questions...

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